pound down

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w>pound down

vt sep earth, rocksfeststampfen; to pound something down to a powderetw pulverisieren
References in classic literature ?
Snagsby, "if a person was to say to me, "Snagsby, here's twenty thousand pound down, ready for you in the Bank of England if you'll only name one of 'em,' I couldn't do it, sir
News that there could be light at the end of tunnel for Greece's current round of debt talks sent the pound down a cent against the euro, at 1.
It is not like you have found a pound down the back of the couch, they will think Liverpool is not as poverty-stricken as they make out.
Four Seasons, who still have the car, sold it to a client in Turkey and took 118,000 pound down payment, two weeks before it was seized.
But growing fears that Britain will be stripped of its gold-plated AAA rating pushed the pound down against the euro to 1.
The central bank, which pushed the pound down in a large intervention on Feb.
The US dollar gained strength as oil prices dropped, with the pound down slightly to $1.
AS THE rain continues to pound down on us, dampening our spirits and soaking us to the skin, the temptation to jet off to warmer climates has never been so great.
4810 - German ZEW Report on Tuesday Eoe1/4Ao British Pound Down as Traders Bet on Expansion of Quantitative Easing Eoe1/4Ao Commodity Dollars.
With the pound down 23% year-on-year against the euro, British producers should find themselves more competitive on price compared with overseas counterparts, making it easier for them to export.
A fresh surge in the value of the dollar early yesterday drove the pound down to EUR1.
And that cuts the cost from around four dollars per pound down to around two dollars per pound.