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Money given as a gratuity; a tip.

[French, from pour boire, for drinking : pour, for (from Old French, from Latin prō; see pro-1) + boire, to drink (from Old French boivre, from Latin bibere; see beverage).]


(Commerce) a tip; gratuity
[literally: for drinking]



n., pl. -boires (-ˈbwɑrz, -ˈbwɑr)
a gratuity; tip.
[1810–15; < French: literally, for drinking]


A French term meaning for drinking, used to mean a gratuity.
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Noun1.pourboire - a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)pourboire - a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)
fringe benefit, perk, perquisite - an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right); "a limousine is one of the fringe benefits of the job"
Christmas box - a present given at Christmas for services during the year
References in classic literature ?
The horses were stopped, the lovers were ordered to disentangle themselves, the boy was to lose his pourboire, the girl was immediately to get down.
Other usages, however, appear to indicate a familiarity also with French, as in "a press papie" (un fermacarte, the translation coming from presse-papiers [38]), "e drink-money" (una mancia, the English stemming probably from pourboire [40]), and the spellings "light-bleu" and "dark-bleu" (azzurro and turchino [49]).
Terre oE le compteur ne sert que de dE[umlaut]cor de voiture, oE le pourboire est de cinq dinars, et oE le client peut faire le tour de la capitale alors qu'il voulait se rendre Ea la rue d'Ea cE[sup.