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 (po͞o-săN′), Nicolas 1594-1665.
French painter whose landscapes and historical and religious paintings, such as Holy Family on the Steps (1648), exemplify the classical style.


(French pusɛ̃)
(Animals) a young chicken reared for eating
[from French]


(French pusɛ̃)
(Biography) Nicolas (nikɔlɑ). 1594–1665, French painter, regarded as a leader of French classical painting. He is best known for the austere historical and biblical paintings and landscapes of his later years



Nicolas, 1594–1655, French painter.
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Noun1.Poussin - French painter in the classical style (1594-1665)Poussin - French painter in the classical style (1594-1665)
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A collector peeps into all the picture-shops of Europe for a landscape of Poussin, a crayon-sketch of Salvator; but the Transfiguration, the Last Judgment, the Communion of St.
Il s'agit des debutants (U-7), des premiers pas U-8 et U-9, des poussins U-10 et U-11, des benjamins U-14, des minimes U-16 et des cadets U-18.
Mix together the ingredients for the second marinade, smear all over the poussins and leave to marinate for another couple of hours or, if possible, overnight.
HESTON'S GREAT BRITISH FOOD Channel 4, 9pm Heston Blumenthal discovers that curry house classics such as vindaloo, bhuna, phal and onion bhaji were all invented in Britain, as he puts his own stamp on the most famous of them all - injecting whole poussins with tikka marinade and stuffing them with tikka masala.
D'autres presentations de danses de haut niveau artistique ont ete realisees par les poussins georgiens qui ont ete fortement applaudis par le public.
Using poussins will ensure the chicken marinates beautifully and cooks quickly without becoming dry, but you can use skinless chicken pieces if you prefer.
In less than a year, Gill, who lives with her daughters, Leila, 17, and Jasmine, 10, in North Shields, has grown her business, Petit Poussins - which ultimately offers the gift of bilingualism to youngsters - in a manner which would have all the Dragons from the BBC1 Den declaring they were 'in'.
Using a heavy cook's knife, split the poussins down the back and open each one out like a book.
That's just a fast version of my mother's roast chicken and roast potatoes, only poussins don't take as long to cook.
Roast the poussins on the upper shelves, juggling the shelves if necessary for even cooking, for 30-40 minutes.
I have no idea whether Clark himself has come around to something like Wollheim's views about how art should be addressed, but something must explain his decision to spend what amounts to several months, to be sure not exclusively but certainly substantially, in "deep looking" at two Poussins that happened to be on view at the Getty Center in Los Angeles while Clark was in residence there as a research fellow in 2000.