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 (po͞o-săN′), Nicolas 1594-1665.
French painter whose landscapes and historical and religious paintings, such as Holy Family on the Steps (1648), exemplify the classical style.


(French pusɛ̃)
(Animals) a young chicken reared for eating
[from French]


(French pusɛ̃)
(Biography) Nicolas (nikɔlɑ). 1594–1665, French painter, regarded as a leader of French classical painting. He is best known for the austere historical and biblical paintings and landscapes of his later years



Nicolas, 1594–1655, French painter.
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Noun1.Poussin - French painter in the classical style (1594-1665)Poussin - French painter in the classical style (1594-1665)
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A collector peeps into all the picture-shops of Europe for a landscape of Poussin, a crayon-sketch of Salvator; but the Transfiguration, the Last Judgment, the Communion of St.
Cette hausse a concerne les aliments, la viande de volailles et derives, les poussins et oeufs de consommation.
Sponsorisee par Chevrolet, transporteur officiel de la FAT, Sonatrach et les montres Haidra, cette edition entre dans le cadre du calendrier national de la FAT et destinee aux joueurs et joueuses poussins (9/10 ans), benjamins (11/12 ans) et minimes (13/14 ans) qui ont atteint les quarts de finale des championnats regionaux des jeunes (Est, Ouest et Centre).
Pour into a large roasting tin, then push to the sides of the tin to make a space for the poussins.
Mix together the ingredients for the second marinade, smear all over the poussins and leave to marinate for another couple of hours or, if possible, overnight.
Using poussins will ensure the chicken marinates beautifully and cooks quickly without becoming dry, but you can use skinless chicken pieces if you prefer.
In less than a year, Gill, who lives with her daughters, Leila, 17, and Jasmine, 10, in North Shields, has grown her business, Petit Poussins - which ultimately offers the gift of bilingualism to youngsters - in a manner which would have all the Dragons from the BBC1 Den declaring they were 'in'.
And they currently have weekly orders for 4,500 poussins.
Day after day the Poussins humbly sought the hospitality of individuals and families for lodging (a place to pitch their tent) and meals.
Using a heavy cook's knife, split the poussins down the back and open each one out like a book.