powder and shot

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Noun1.powder and shot - ammunition consisting of gunpowder and bullets for muskets
ammo, ammunition - projectiles to be fired from a gun
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It happened that he had appointed to go out in this boat, either for pleasure or for fish, with two or three Moors of some distinction in that place, and for whom he had provided extraordinarily, and had, therefore, sent on board the boat overnight a larger store of provisions than ordinary; and had ordered me to get ready three fusees with powder and shot, which were on board his ship, for that they designed some sport of fowling as well as fishing.
This was game indeed to us, but this was no food; and I was very sorry to lose three charges of powder and shot upon a creature that was good for nothing to us.
As a rule, double-barrel muzzleloaders are not designed to handle powder and shot charges as heavy as are commonly used in modern, in-lin single-barrel guns.