power base

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pow′er base`

a source of political power founded esp. on support by an organized body of voters or ethnic minority.
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French and Raven identified seven categories of power, referring to them as Power Bases.
The criticisms levelled at power bases are two-fold.
The second critique is more philosophical: the strength (and therefore validity) of the positional power bases is greatly diminished in modern times.
The pay disparity arises because the Department of Water and Power bases its pay scale on those of private utilities.
To address these considerations there are power bases available in many different sizes, with different drive wheel configurations, varying levels of suspension and differing aesthetic designs.
Power bases can basically be split into three categories.
The LSP system consists of 20-40 lunar power bases, situated on the eastern and western edges of the moon, as seen from earth.
Each season witnesses a wholesale reinvention, with new galleries, styles, and power bases quaking the status quo.
In Samuelson's vision of American politics, the federal government is besieged by a host of special interest groups, often groups which "don't have solid power bases .
There are groups that have real power bases today --with large financial resources and deeply committed cadres of loyalists.
Strategy 5: Understand and Utilize Power Bases Effectively
There are two primary power bases in political processes.