power chain

pow′er chain`

an endless chain for transmitting motion and power between sprockets on shafts with parallel axes.
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Tenders are invited for Tender For The Supply Of Electric Motors For The Use Of Different Benches Such As Parquar Roller Bench, Chain Bench, Butting Bench And All Types Of Grinding Manchine Of Saw Mill, Supply Of Heavy Duty Drill Machine, Supply Of Heavy Duty Welding Machine, Supply Of Betapur Saw Mill Spares Land Stores And Supply Of Heavy Duty Power Chain Saw, Supply Of Circular Saw And Supply Of Band Saw Blade Supply Of Inverter, Supply Power Hack Saw Machine
Lowering the load factors enhanced uncertainty over their long term performance and outlook of the entire power chain.
have clear spillovers for IPPs - lowering their load factors in the short term while casting uncertainty over the long term performance and outlook of the power chain.
To ensure highly available power to IT equipment, all power components in the power chain need to have monitoring capabilities.
Rack PDUs have evolved from just supplying electricity to devices to helping the data centers manage their power chain more effectively.
The control strategy of bulldozer driving condition is similar to armored tracked vehicle which can be taken as a reference, but in bulldozing condition, the power requirement of the back power chain is quite different from automobile and armored vehicle.
Maneuvering trolleys filled with hanging garments over great distances, through changing elevations and across long complex paths, the system permits separation of the trolleys from the power chain onto free (non-powered) lines.
4-litre petrol TFSI engine features cylinder deactivation technology - the aforementioned CoD - which sees two of the four cylinders cut out of the power chain when demand is low.
Vietnam: A History by Stanley Karnow Considered by many to be the most balanced and informative Western account of the American-Vietnam war, Karnowas book is imbued with on-the-ground experience and knowledge gleaned from innumerable interviews with people from the higher echelons of government as well as those lower down the power chain a journalists, soldiers and ordinary workers.
Paddy Power chain also reported a huge net revenue of [euro]745million last year.
Indicating that those further up the power chain at CA would surely have their own jobs assessed if Australia were badly beaten in the Ashes series, Healy applauded the appointment the Lehmann, a former Australian teammate, saying that Lehmann has the ability to relax players and will be able to 'crunch' some basics back into them