power chain

pow′er chain`

an endless chain for transmitting motion and power between sprockets on shafts with parallel axes.
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Visibility into the entire power chain is vital to managing data center health.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Power Chain Saw
4-litre petrol TFSI engine features cylinder deactivation technology - the aforementioned CoD - which sees two of the four cylinders cut out of the power chain when demand is low.
Vietnam: A History by Stanley Karnow Considered by many to be the most balanced and informative Western account of the American-Vietnam war, Karnowas book is imbued with on-the-ground experience and knowledge gleaned from innumerable interviews with people from the higher echelons of government as well as those lower down the power chain a journalists, soldiers and ordinary workers.
Paddy Power chain also reported a huge net revenue of [euro]745million last year.
Indicating that those further up the power chain at CA would surely have their own jobs assessed if Australia were badly beaten in the Ashes series, Healy applauded the appointment the Lehmann, a former Australian teammate, saying that Lehmann has the ability to relax players and will be able to 'crunch' some basics back into them
Kambar-Ata HPP and Verkhnenarynsky hydroelectric power chain will allow to arrange the energy system of the country and increase export potential.
Khoso was briefed about the entire power chain including generation and distribution as well as the steps taken by the ministry to minimize load-shedding in the country.
Through its joint venture affiliates Tenesol and Photovoltech, Total has built strong expertise all along the photovoltaic solar power chain to make this technology more reliable, efficient and competitive.
The wheel chair has two power chains: one chain assures the straight line motion (traction) and the other power chain assures the steering.
But it is perhaps higher up the power chain at Goodison Park where the real reasons for his shock resignation can be found.
Arena Leisure's shares dropped by more than four per cent, while Power Leisure, which owns the Paddy Power chain of shops, lost nearly five per cent.