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Noun1.Power loom - a loom operated mechanicallypower loom - a loom operated mechanically  
loom - a textile machine for weaving yarn into a textile
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While no causalities have been reported, millions of raw cloths including dozens of power loom machines, warping machines, and cloth threads were destroyed in the flame.
A police spokesman said that Idrees (32), resident of Chak 7-JB, was working at a power loom in a factory, situated in Faizabad.
Tenders are invited for ( 1 ) : Ci Ratchet Wheel Pt G/10A/273A P/L ( 2 ) : Ms Picking Shaft 34-13/16"Long P/Lm ( 3 ) : Ms Weight Chain For Power Loom ( 4 ) : Fig 13 Grnd Stone Ptg214 C/Cutt M/C ( 5 ) : Crank Shaft W/Bush Pt 9 Blkt/Pl ( 6 ) : Picker Saver For Power Loom ( 7 ) : Pinion Gear 15 Teeth For Powerloom ( 8 ) : Sk1650/17A Pick Bross For P/Loom ( 9 ) : Oil Seal Viton For Gear Box ( 10 ) : Housing Set Complete For Milling Mc ( 11 ) : Crank Arm Bearing For Sunrise Loom ( 12 ) : Pick Holder For Panipat P/Loom.
The pattern of cloth production is different than spinning sector and there are three different sub-sectors in weaving industry: Integrated, Independent Weaving Units and Power Loom Units.
1743: Edmund Cartwright, inventor of the power loom, was born.
Inventions such as Edmund Cartwright's power loom, that enabled the mass production of cloth, relied on the fuel.
Addressing Press Conference Mian Muhammad Yousaf Tehami President District Power loom Owners Association said that due to soaring prices of cotton yarn and increase in the load shedding this small industry is on the verge of liquidation and appealed to the government to take remedial measures to save this industry.
A total of 100 individuals, 50 power loom workers and 50 controls were included in the study.
Contrary to the declining trend in the production of cloth in the mill sector, the non-mill sector or power loom sector, maintained a rising tempo of expansion in capacity and production.
Unwittingly, Kempelen's invention paved the way for the development of the power loom, the telephone and the computer.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 11 (ANI): The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Thursday issued a notice to the Tamil Nadu Government, seeking an explanation in the case of death of a bonded labour's daughter due to electrocution in a Coimbatore Power Loom godown.
He told that he has directed to include power loom sector in this board and hopefully this directive will be implemented very soon.