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Noun1.power meter - a meter for measuring the amount of electric power usedpower meter - a meter for measuring the amount of electric power used
meter - any of various measuring instruments for measuring a quantity
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A power meter is an electric device that measures energy consumption and enables uni as well as bi-directional communication, between the meter and the central system.
The report caters to power meter manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers, raw material providers, consulting companies in the energy and power sector, government and research organizations, government utility providers, private utility providers, private customers, network operators, metering companies, smart grid players, venture capital firms, and investment banks.
com)-- ICP DAS USA introduces PM-3133-240, a powerful, advanced, and cost-effective three-phase smart power meter that supports Modbus RTU protocol.
Using two tools most competitive cyclists already own-a power meter, an increasingly common training device that mounts on a bicycle's rear wheel, and a stationary bicycle trainer - UNH graduate student Jay Francis '09 modified a three-minute all-out cycling test.
Always on the cutting edge of stuff that goes onto your power meter in the basement and you forget about technology, Microsoft and Blue Line Innovations have teamed up to release the Hohm PowerCost Monitor and WiFi Gateway.
ST will provide a complete smart-metering solution that includes a breakthrough power-line communication System-on-Chip (ST758x), which is the heart of the system, a powerful 32-bit microcontroller (STM32), and an innovative power-supply device, as well as MOSFET and EEPROM memory devices, as the basis of the new electronic power meter for Endesa.
Google announced its first partnership with eight utility companies in the United States, India and Canada, to introduce its Power Meter to monitor household electricity usage.
NASDAQ:ACTS) , one of China's leading fabless semiconductor companies that provides comprehensive, mixed-signal, system-on-a-chip and multimedia digital signal processing (DSP) solutions for portable consumer electronics, has adopted a business licensing model for its power meter product line.
where R(V) = V/P = the responsivity of the detector at an output of V, which is the voltage or reading of the power meter, at the input power or energy of P, R([V.
com/research/bwxqpm/assessment_of_the) has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "Assessment of the Brazilian Distribution Energy Losses Management Power Meter Market" to their offering.
GAO Instruments has rolled out this rugged optical power meter which is an essential test instrument for telecommunications and CATV maintenance.