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Noun1.power saw - a power tool for cutting woodpower saw - a power tool for cutting wood  
band saw, bandsaw - an endless saw consisting of a toothed metal band that is driven around two wheels
chain saw, chainsaw - portable power saw; teeth linked to form an endless chain
buzz saw, circular saw - a power saw that has a steel disk with cutting teeth on the periphery; rotates on a spindle
gangsaw - a power saw that has several parallel blades making simultaneous cuts
fretsaw, scroll saw, jigsaw - fine-toothed power saw with a narrow blade; used to cut curved outlines
power tool - a tool driven by a motor
jigsaw, reciprocating saw, saber saw - a portable power saw with a reciprocating blade; can be used with a variety of blades depending on the application and kind of cut; generally have a plate that rides on the surface that is being cut
sawmill - a large sawing machine
tooth - something resembling the tooth of an animal
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Bristol crown court has been told Becky's body was taken to Hoare and Matthews' house, dismembered with a power saw in their bathroom then hidden in a shed.
Killed: >Watts, The following day, Matthews bought two bottles of drain cleaner from a superstore before driving to B&Q, where he bought a circular power saw, gloves, face masks and goggles.
A DIY-mad pensioner sparked a murder hunt after a power saw chopped off his finger, sending it 100ft into a neighbour's garden.
A RETIRED headteacher who cut his hand off with a power saw has praised his quick-thinking neighbours for rushing to his aid.
HINCHLIFFE MILL: Aug 19 - Power saw stolen from unlocked Vauxhall Signum.
Paddy Power saw profits slump 20% in the first half of the year as football and racing punters took the Irish bookmaker to the cleaners.
Iranian officials have frequently spoken favorably of ousted President Muhammad Mursi, an Islamist whose year in power saw a thawing of relations between Tehran and Cairo.
A San Francisco couple known as the "landlords from hell" for ripping out a section of the living room floor of one tenant's apartment with a power saw and burglarizing other tenants' units pleaded guilty Wednesday to a number of charges that will land them in prison for more than four years.
The tools stolen include: a red Hilti breaker, model T3E05; red Hilti cordless drill, model TE7A; red Hilti breaker TE55; red Hilti 36-volt battery; a blue gas tool to measure gas readings, stored in a blue canvas bag, model ANTONV2; two 22-volt red Hilti cordless drills; and a red Hilti power saw.
Officers fired up a power saw outside a property in Longmeadow Road, Knowsley Village, before the door was flung open.
I also work as a daily wager, using my power saw to chop down trees for people.