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Noun1.power service - a public utility that provides electricitypower service - a public utility that provides electricity
public utility, public utility company, public-service corporation, utility - a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
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This week, Delta-ee launched the Distributed Power Service, a new global research service which considers current trends and future opportunities for distributed power systems in the world's leading markets.
Credit Suisse is believed to have committed USD200m to help customers purchase solar power service from Sunrun.
Sunrun pioneered the solar power service model for home solar in 2007 and is the market leader, installing over $1.
LONDON, November 21 /PRNewswire/ -- In recognition of its leadership in the highly profitable power plant services market, the successful reorganisation of its various equipment and service businesses and its impressive turnaround following the problems experienced with its large heavy-duty gas turbines, ALSTOM Power Service has been conferred the prestigious 2005 Frost & Sullivan Energy Company of the Year Award.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Sunrun, the nation's leading home solar company, today announced that Credit Suisse has committed $200 million to help Americans obtain Sunrun solar power service.
SunRun's solar power service changes the way Americans power their homes, spurs job growth
19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Airline Hydraulics is pleased to announce the acquisition of Fluid Power Service Corporation (FPS), a privately-owned company located in Lancaster, New York, near Buffalo.
CP&L offers Premier Power Service, providing commercial and industrial facilities with custom-tailored on-site power generation and protection solutions.
GE s Power Services business today announced the first GT13E2 MXL2 gas turbine upgrade order in Asia at a combined-cycle power plant in Vietnam.
Clarke Power Services works with light, medium, and heavy duty fleets of all types and sizes, whether the fleet is engaged in over-the-road long haul, regional, or local pickup and delivery.
To arrange an appointment to meet at the POWER-GEN International conference, or to speak with a specialist at IHI Power Services, Corp.
Essential Power Services has signed a long-term, 14,515 s/f lease at 150 College Road West in Princeton, New Jersey.