power-assisted steering

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Noun1.power-assisted steering - automotive steering where engineer power amplifies the torque applied to the steering wheel
steering mechanism, steering system - a mechanism by which something is steered (especially a motor vehicle)
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Specially-designed facilities onboard include wide flat decks for ease of movement, wheelchair lifts between deck levels, hearing loops, a speaking compass and hydraulic power-assisted steering to enable people with limited strength or mobility to experience the thrill of controlling a large sailing ship.
Steering: Unique tuning for electric power-assisted steering provides clean, intuitive feel to match enhanced vehicle response
The manufacturer's latest Ranger pickups feature Duratorg TDCi engines, electric power-assisted steering, and are available in single-cab, rap-cab, or double-cab formations.
It features Recaro sports seats, faux-suede interior trim highlights, a flat-bottom steering wheel, alloy pedals and binnacle gauges displaying turbo boost pressure, oil temperature and oil pressure, sports suspension with stiffened spring rates, bushes and anti-roll bars, two-mode switchable dampers and an electric power-assisted steering system.
The revised dampers also assist in improving ride quality and a redesigned electric power-assisted steering system claims to deliver better feedback for the driver.
Still, even with power-assisted steering and nice comfy seats, this last leg of their journey will be far from a cake-walk.
Fusion's suite of driver assist technologies are the result of the addition of new sensors, including cameras and radar combined with existing technologies, such as electric power-assisted steering and data from the anti-lock braking and stability control systems.
It was loaded with technology including a new type of variable power-assisted steering, which was amazingly advanced for the 1970s.
The Indian subsidiary of American auto major Ford Motor Company said it will recall 1,66,021 units of its best-selling compact cars - Figo and Classic, to fix the technical glitches in the rear twist beam (RTB) and power-assisted steering (PAS) hose.
Sitting midway in size between a Ford Fiesta and a VW Polo, value and quality go hand-inhand in the Sandero, with power-assisted steering, ABS with brake assist and electronic stability and traction control systems all fitted as standard.
Its 3-spoke black leather wrapped hydraulic power-assisted steering and oyster leather seats for five raise the comfort quotient.
Ford's Lane Keeping System takes advantage of the electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) used in the new Fusion to provide a vibrating alert to the driver and then gently steer the car back into the lane if the driver doesn't respond.