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power broker

or pow·er·brok·er (pou′ər-brō′kər)
A person who exerts strong political or economic influence, especially by virtue of the individuals and votes he or she controls.


or pow′er bro`ker,

a person who wields power and influence, esp. a politician who controls votes.
[1960–65, Amer.]
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Noun1.powerbroker - a person who is important by virtue of the people or votes they control; "a power broker who does you a favor will expect you to return it"
important person, influential person, personage - a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
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BeyondTrust has released PowerBroker for Mac to address security and compliance concerns among the increasing share of Apple desktops in the enterprise.
PowerBroker for Mac is the industry's first solution with a graphic interface to properly enable least privilege on OS X Mavericks, Yosemite, and El Capitan.
ALK Technologies s PC*Miler 28 routing, mileage and mapping software is obtained approval for use with McLeod Software s LoadMaster and PowerBroker products following a successful test.
MOSCOW - Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief has held a new meeting in Russia with President Vladimir Putin on the Syrian conflict, the second closed-door encounter this year between the Russian leader and the key regional powerbroker.
1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- REI Wise, the industry-leading online commercial real estate software firm for financial analysis and marketing, has announced the arrival of the latest addition to its PowerBroker line.
Hines Interests is looking to sell its 600,000-square-foot tower at 750 Seventh Avenue and has tapped commercial powerbroker Darcy Stacom of CB Richard Ellis to handle the deal, sources told the Observer.
Summary: Fifa powerbroker Jack Warner has handed England's 2018 World Cup bid a significant boost after meeting Prime Minister David Cameron.
Meanwhile, Turkey stressed its strategic relations with powerbroker Egypt, AN NAHAR reported.
TOP wheeler-dealer Mark Jacob - the main powerbroker behind Portsmouth's new Arab owners - is a major Tottenham Hotspur fan.
For linking lax immigration to terrorism, Tancredo says he was told by administration powerbroker Karl Rove "never to darken the door of the White House again.
We had no political clout--a point the closeted Republican powerbroker Roy Cohn makes in Angels in America, another of the year's gayest achievements.
Defence Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer says Syria, the main powerbroker in Lebanon, and Iran have given Hizbollah permission to fire on Israeli positions.