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1. Lacking strength or power; helpless and totally ineffectual.
2. Lacking legal or other authority.

pow′er·less·ly adv.
pow′er·less·ness n.
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Adv.1.powerlessly - in a powerless manner


[ˈpaʊəlɪslɪ] advcon impotenza
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But in handing over mediations to local interests as in the case of Syria, and standing powerlessly by regimes blocking aid in Yemen, there are lingering concerns to whether the U.
In the most painful cases of all, they found people living powerlessly on the verge of homelessness, their health suffering thanks to damp and mould - constantly in fear of the future.
It pushed Arafat into a corner, where he withered, powerlessly, and vanished.
She abused the power of her office and used it to mete out a 'reign of terror' similar to that of a repressive state, resulting in moral distress for staff members who powerlessly tried to deliver to her the outcome of a project they did not believe in.
Rather than powerlessly worrying for five hours a month while at work, an employee can use those hours to take effective steps toward improving their financial health.
In fighting split the army and the transitional government under Catherine Samba-Panza stood by and watched powerlessly.
Stavas shared the hard science of how exercise affects the brain, which was quite impressive and interesting, and also drew us powerlessly into her story of "walking the walk.
It must be very frustrating for people to watch powerlessly as criminals get away with offences that have caused them distress.
Retailers and their POS partners have watched powerlessly as this practice has continued into 2016.
All of these debates are just going to swirl powerlessly while the fact of power manifests itself.
The sight of a lonely man, with no-one around him to help, powerlessly watching on as the world spins in front of him.
If this does not happen, Lebanon will find itself in the position of some developing countries more than 40 years ago: as a sleeping partner and tax collector and inspector looking on powerlessly at what foreign companies are doing in their country.