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CORK: S White 0-2, S Powter 0-1, R Deane 0-1, J O'Rourke 0-1, M Collins 0-5 (1f), S Sherlock 0-5 (3f), C O'Neill 1-1.
After Tipp reduced the gap to a point, the hosts won a penalty when Sean Powter was fouled by Evan Comerford saved from Sherlock.
Grant Powter, managing director of Powters, said: "The packs look great on the shelf and it is the most positive response I have ever had to new product packaging.
Only the most senior of the quartet, baritone Adrian Powter, seemed to have any significant grasp of the music''s spirituality, most notably dispatching the extended aria, The Trumpet Shall Sound, in the final "faith" section, having earlier addressed the work''s most contentious contemporary conundrum: Why Do the Nations So Furiously Rage Together?
Brett Powter, manager of Nullagine's only pub, the Conglomerate Hotel, said he expects to run out of beer before his next delivery is scheduled to arrive.
What with James, Will Young, Daniel Powter, Sam Beeton (who toured with James recently - watch out for him) and a handful of other lads back, guitars in hand, it's looking to be a summer of Boy Power.
There's fine support too from Adrian Powter as Masetto who, like Don Ottavio (a somewhat light-voiced Eyjolfur Eyjolfsson), is humiliated by Giovanni's outrageous behaviour.
There's Damien Rice, Daniel Powter, Robin Thicke and Richard Hawley .
We Cannot Fail: The Dark Psychology of Heroic Adventure by Geoff Powter Constable and Robinson pb, pp245, 8.
Powter was convinced to trust a four-person "night shift" in China with his big Domino's renewal in May--but only after a mock renewal in January.
Sting sideman Manu Katche is swaying gently to the music, pop star Daniel Powter is getting ready to sing specially for us, and Laetitia Hallyday holds up adopted Vietnamese daughter Jade so she can see.
The risk is the vehicle that takes (adventurers) to these spectacular places, both in the outdoors, and inside of themselves," Powter says.