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 (pŏt′sə-län′) also poz·zo·la·na (-sə-lä′nə) or poz·zuo·la·na (-swə-)
1. A siliceous volcanic ash used to produce hydraulic cement.
2. Any of various powdered substances that react with lime to form strengthening or enhancing compounds in cement.

[Italian pozzolana, after Pozzuoli.]

poz′zo·la′nic adj.
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Cements (white Portland cement or equivalent, pumice pozzolan =, lime jelly, calcium carbonates powder (filler).
Fly ash in concrete acts as a synthetic pozzolan and in the presence of calcium hydroxide and water forms calcium silicate hydrate, which provides fly ash based concrete to develop the strength over time.
Building materials supplier Pozzolan Construction Industries has set up its office and manufacturing facility in the UAE.
Metakaolin is a type of SCM fall within ASTM C 618, Class N pozzolan specifications.
Lightweight high-performance concrete (LWHPC) with a pozzolan (fly ash or silica fume) or slag cement is expected to provide high workability, high strength, and high durability with reduced dead load," the authors note.
Pozzolan materials such as ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS), fly ash (FA), silica fume (SF) and natural pozzolan have been used successfully as substituting materials for Portland cement.
CHU 57 Roiled steel 36 Corrugated steel 31 Thermoplastic material 28 Hesco 26 Reinforced concrete 24 Shotcrete 24 CMU 22 Pozzolan concrete 19 Brick 17 Soil cement 16 Foam 15 Wood 13 Stone 10 Mortarless brick 10 Adobe 9 CEB 8 Legend: CEB--compressed-earth block CHU--containerized housing unit CMU--concrete masonry unit Figure 2.
Cement types produced by Holcim In 2011 GRI EN3 Slag cement 10% Pozzolan cement 8% Fly ash cement 25% Limestone cement 15% Multiple blend cement 14% Masonry cement, oilwell cement, white cement, special binder 5% Ordinary Portland Cement 23% * All but Ordinary Portland Cement are composite cements.
Portland Resistant to sulfate For two-three floor Pozzolan Cement and moderate hydration buildings, general heat concrete construction , mass concrete construction like full plate foundation and dams, building construction in coastal areas swampy area and buildings on ground containing aggressive sulfuric salt and building construction needing high water tightness such as sanitation construction, water construction and water pools or reservoirs.
In 2008, the ministry reserved 6 mining locations for the exploitation of limestone, pozzolan, aggregates, crusher materials and sand in Riyadh, Makkah, Eastern Province, Baha and Jazan.
For example, in 2007 researchers with the Iowa Department of Transportation found that a test section construction on 1-29 in 1994 incorporating a blended pozzolan (calcined clay) cement was in "excellent condition," 'while other parts of the project experienced early pavement deterioration.