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 (pŏt′sə-län′) also poz·zo·la·na (-sə-lä′nə) or poz·zuo·la·na (-swə-)
1. A siliceous volcanic ash used to produce hydraulic cement.
2. Any of various powdered substances that react with lime to form strengthening or enhancing compounds in cement.

[Italian pozzolana, after Pozzuoli.]

poz′zo·la′nic adj.
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Non-porous, spherical, non-aggregated and dispersed in water free from chlorides and low alkali, Tytro RC rheology control modifier functions as a pozzolan and silica fume alternative.
It has a plant in Cebu, founded in 1921, which produces Pozzolan and Portland cement under the APO Cement brand.
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How has business been for pozzolan in the Middle East during the past year?
One possible source for a pozzolan is calcined clay.
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