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 (pŏt′sə-län′) also poz·zo·la·na (-sə-lä′nə) or poz·zuo·la·na (-swə-)
1. A siliceous volcanic ash used to produce hydraulic cement.
2. Any of various powdered substances that react with lime to form strengthening or enhancing compounds in cement.

[Italian pozzolana, after Pozzuoli.]

poz′zo·la′nic adj.
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Portland Pozzolana Cement Ppc As Per Is-1489 Part-1, 1991, To 3X660 Mw Ntpc North Karanpura Project, Tandwa, Jharkhand -12000Mt Plus And Minus 30 Percent On F.
Only four of the 10 main islands (Santiago, Santo Antao, Fogo, and Brava) can count on any agricultural production; while mineral resources are restricted to salt, pozzolana (used in cement production), and limestone.
Al-Rajhi Cement Jordan operates a cement manufacturing plant in Al-Mafraq, Jordan, producing gypsum, limestone, white cement and Pozzolana Portland cement.
4%, has a high water demand as a typical pozzolana and its strength development differs notably from that of 1AEF1: in 7 up to 28 days of hardening, 8AEF1 and 1AEF1 prisms had an analogical strength development.
Furthermore, some pozzolana materials are becoming expensive and unavailable in market (Erdem, Kirca 2008; Cassagnabere et al.
During the reign of Napoleon in 1802, the French engineer Charles Berigny used a suspension of water and pozzolana cement to fill up caves in the watery gravel ground of a sluice at Dieppe port damaged by settlements to stabilise deposited alluviums.
Since the Judaic tradition did not permit incineration of a dead body, the Judaic communities in Ancient Rome found a solution for burying--they secretly used former galleries of pozzolana extractions (Oliveira 2007: 30), where the holes were excavated in the walls for the inhumation of dead.
and it is normal early-strength Portland pozzolana cement (CEMII/A-P 42,5 N) containing 6-20% trass (natural pozzolana) in total mass and having the strength class of 42,5 [11].
Natural resources: Salt, pozzolana, limestone, fish, shellfish.
Yanbu Cement Company, based in the Red Sea port town that gives the company its name, produces Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) Sulphate Resisting Cement (SRC) , Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) and Masonry Cement.
Wadi Cement Works manufactures ordinary Portland cement Type 43'53 grade (latest version of IS; 8112 and IS; 12269 respectively) and Portland pozzolana cement (latest version of IS; 1489 PART -I) under the brand name ACC SURAKSHA which makes use of fly ash up to 25 percent, thereby helping in maintaining a pollution free environment.
Commodilla and ancient pozzolana quarries (Costantino 121).