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1. Capable of being effected, done, or put into practice; feasible. See Synonyms at possible.
2. Usable for a specified purpose: a practicable way of entry.

[Medieval Latin prācticābilis, capable of being used, from prācticāre, to practice, from prāctica, practice, from Greek prāktikē, practical science, from feminine of prāktikos, fit for action, practical, from prāssein, prāk-, to make, do.]

prac′ti·ca·bil′i·ty n.
prac′ti·ca·bly adv.
Usage Note: It is easy to confuse practicable and practical because they look so much alike and overlap in meaning. Practicable means "feasible" as well as "usable," and it cannot be applied to persons. Practical has at least six meanings, including the sense "capable of being put into effect, useful," wherein the confusion with practicable arises. But there is a subtle distinction between these words that is worth keeping. For the purpose of ordering coffee in a Parisian café, it would be practical (that is, useful) to learn some French, but it still might not be practicable for someone with a busy schedule and little time to learn.
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Adv.1.practicably - in a practicable manner; so as to be feasible
بصورَة يُمْكِن عَمَلُها


adv if it can practicably be donefalls (es) durchführbar (ist)


(ˈprӕktikəbl) adjective
able to be used or done. a practicable plan.
ˈpracticably adverb
ˈpracticableness noun
ˌpracticaˈbility noun
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I pushed for both a coordinated approach to retesting of vehicles across Europe and for real driving emissions to be introduced as quickly as practicably possible.
Sadly, the practicably feasible and politically sensible independence of the Iraqi Kurds cannot be achieved solely by the Kurds themselves.
The study was exempt from informed consent requirements because it involves no more than a minimal risk to the privacy of individuals and the research could not practicably be conducted without this exemption.
The UK Government succeeded in securing a deal with the supplier and it is only right that this is now available across the UK as soon as is practicably possible.
whether the learning principles presented are practicably applicable to gamblers, either didactically or clinically;
It is almost always best to collect the most informative type of data that can practicably be collected.
All changes will be introduced "as soon as practicably possible".
That is, even if the publication or the application itself were not practicably available for the PHOSITA to access, these obscure documents may represent understanding in the field, even if that knowledge is not documented in a widely distributed way.
39) In light of these observations, I suggest that due to the existence of, in most cases, expert and impartial critics in most of the major fields of history, that historians are then obliged not to wander too far afield in their reconstructions of the past, and if per chance they do, the idea that any widely published work on a subject would escape the eyes of other historians of the same field is practicably impossible.
As predetermined in the ICC protocol, the preliminary hearing is being held as soon as practicably possible, and in this case the day following the scheduled conclusion of the ongoing second Test at Lord's.
The preliminary hearing is to take place, as stipulated in ICC protocol, as soon as practicably possible - on the day after the ongoing second Test is scheduled to finish at Lord's.