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Noun1.practice session - systematic training by multiple repetitions; "practice makes perfect"
grooming, training, preparation - activity leading to skilled behavior
fire drill - an exercise intended to train people in duties and escape procedures to be followed in case of fire
manual of arms, manual - (military) a prescribed drill in handling a rifle
military drill - training in marching and the use of weapons
rehearsal - (psychology) a form of practice; repetition of information (silently or aloud) in order to keep it in short-term memory
dry run, rehearsal - a practice session in preparation for a public performance (as of a play or speech or concert); "he missed too many rehearsals"; "a rehearsal will be held the day before the wedding"
brushup, review - practice intended to polish performance or refresh the memory
scrimmage - (American football) practice play between a football team's squads
shadowboxing - sparring with an imaginary opponent (for exercise or training)
target practice - practice in shooting at targets
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Aprilia Racing Team -- Red Devils rider Jordi Torres in action during the first free practice session for the final round of the World Superbike Championship at Losail International Circuit yesterday.
However, their weekend started on a sour note as the Sri Lankan crashed his car on the opening lap in the first practice session.
Things certainly look promising for Hamilton, who bettered his quickest time of the first free practice session with a best lap of one minute 17.
During the practice session, all three batsmen played with powerful pull and hooks, watched by dozens of their supporters.
We spent a whole practice session just working on not dropping our bow arms and not caring so much about aiming and scoring.
Top 10 Results of Second Practice Session from Buddh International Circuit:
MOTOR SPORT: Formula One, Hungarian Grand Prix, First practice session - Sky Sports F1 0845, Second practice session - Sky Sports F1 1245; GP2 Series, Hungarian Grand Prix, Practice session - Sky Sports F1 1055, Qualifying session - Sky Sports F1 1455.
Prior to your practice session, sit down for a few minutes and think about a particular area of your game that you need to work on.
The team players participated in practice session on the first day and they placed special focus on batting, bowling and fielding.
Newcomers to the championship, the Speeding Saddles Team, topped the table with their drivers clinching first and second place during the first practice session.
LEWIS Hamilton admits his crash in yesterday's opening practice session for the Japanese Grand Prix was the result of "pushing too hard, too early".
LEWIS HAMILTON admits his crash in the opening practice session for tomorrow's Japanese Grand Prix was the result of "pushing too hard, too early".

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