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When the Inquiring Soul had completed his course of instruction he declared himself the Ahkoond of Swat, fell into the baleful habit of standing on his head, and swore that the mother who bore him was a pragmatic paralogism.
For all his pragmatic certitude, it seemed as if he watched the play and movement of life in the hope of discovering something more about it, of discerning in its maddest writhings a something which had hitherto escaped him,--the key to its mystery, as it were, which would make all clear and plain.
For twenty years past," he says, "I have mistrusted 'consciousness' as an entity; for seven or eight years past I have suggested its non-existence to my students, and tried to give them its pragmatic equivalent in realities of experience.
One of them--his name was Stick-to-the-right--perceived in my face, I suppose, a species of sympathy and almost admiration, which, to my own great surprise, I could not help feeling for this pragmatic couple.
PragmatIC creates circuits that are thinner than a human hair, which can be used by security teams to track the location of individual items.
Research in the area of interlanguage pragmatics (ILP) has examined the study abroad (SA) context as a potential environment for second language (L2) learners' pragmatic development--for a recent overview on pragmatic gains from SA, see Xiao (2015).
Packaging giant Avery Dennison has invested in UK-based flexible transistor technology firm, PragmatIC.
Access to digitised images, created, maintained and analysed via computing tools also enabled a broader application of historical pragmatic methods to "reconstruct patterns of correspondence between communicative functions and visual forms and contextual reasons for selection between alternative forms" (Carroll et al.
Application of a pragmatics stylistics model helps to create situations for the development of the pragmatic competence of EFL learners who often lack practical opportunities.
Taguchi, 2006, 2011), some studies instead opted to compare pragmatic strategies used by learners and native speakers (NSs) (e.
Another dream is to develop a system of pragmatic corpus annotation and test it on a large and systematically varied corpus of drama dialogue, as this type of dialogue can be considered as 'tidied-up conversation' (or a 'competence model', as Robin Lakoff and Deborah Tannen once suggested), which makes pragmatic annotation considerably easier.
According to the importance of grammatical structure comprehension skills for foreign learners of Arabic, these skills should be developed through a program based on the Pragmatic theory since this theory is concerned with the discoursal interaction in the speech situation.