prairie fire

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Noun1.prairie fire - an uncontrolled fire in a grassy area
fire - the event of something burning (often destructive); "they lost everything in the fire"
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The passion that awoke in him that day, when he saw her at the gate, swept along like an avalanche, or like a prairie fire, or like anything that drives headlong over all obstacles.
I sent the three men away, and then opened the sty gate and beckoned Sandy to come -- which she did; and not leisurely, but with the rush of a prairie fire.
The cave men and Sagoths in the dugouts seemed to wither before that blast of death like dry grass before a prairie fire.
You have seen a prairie fire where the flames have swept every trace of grass or plant from the surface of the earth and left only a blackened waste.
4) Peter John Murphy, The History of Forest and Prairie Fire Control Policy in Alberta.
may you all rot in hell" Film director Mike Leigh on his detractors "My cake more resembled a prairie fire than anything recognised by Mary Berry" Actor Michael Simkins on his 58th birthday "Growing up looking like across between Ann Widdecombe, one of the Flower Pot Men and a monk" Actress Miranda Hart, above, on her appearance, saying that it stood her in good stead for comedy "This man has sent troops across an international border and occupied another country's territory in the 21st century acting like some mid-20th century tyrant.
Experience Prairie Fire, a premier shopping and entertainment center that offers a plethora of things to do for people of all ages.
He brings to light many factual activities of the top secret Operation Prairie Fire, that involved supporting SOG special forces raids into Laos and the Demilitarized Zone.
The farm club idea swept the countryside, according to historians, like a prairie fire.
Not that long ago, that would have set off a prairie fire among the Globe's political opponents in NH to line up against whatever the paper supported.
All our good interpretive vibes would be for naught if a prairie fire got away from us and burned down our neighbor's historic old farmhouse.
When a prairie fire breaks out, somebody builds a ditch so that the fire can't jump over it.