prairie grass

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Noun1.prairie grass - handsome hardy North American grass with foliage turning pale bronze in autumnprairie grass - handsome hardy North American grass with foliage turning pale bronze in autumn
broom grass - any of several grasses of the genus Andropogon; used in broom making
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So butchers rake the tongues of bison out of the prairie grass, regardless of the torn and drooping plant.
Celebrate a delicious Easter Sunday with family and friends at Prairie Grass Cafe (601 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL 60062; 847-205-4433).
Prairie Grass Ranch of Havre was awarded a grant of $8,000 to assist in the vertical integration and marketing of the familys grass-fed beef products.
His tail stood at attention, circling rapidly as he made his way through the tall prairie grass and harvested com fields searching for scent.
Like a giant snake, I slid on my belly through the prairie grass, carefully placing my bow in front of me.
Some hunts require the ability to walk a couple miles in relatively heavy cover consisting of food plots, shoulder-high prairie grass, head-high cattails, and treelines with tall shrubs and hardwoods.
Over a prairie grass field next to a reservoir, we made a lazy spiral with the engine at idle, enjoying the beauty, the ride and conserving fuel.
Sophia Heymans makes large-scale landscapes, layering oil paint over a surface of embedded natural and found materials including moss, string, paper mache and prairie grass seeds.
The 260,000-square-foot building rests on four massive stone "roots" covered with tall prairie grass and is topped by a glowing "Tower of Hope," rising 300 feet above the city.
Finally, at about 3:30, he spotted the giant buck bedded along the creek in some high prairie grass on the edge of the cut bean field.
The prairie grass theme carries along the entire West Light Rail line and then ties into the parkade at the terminus.
I still sleep in the bed I was born in and farm some of the same ground my grandpa plowed out of prairie grass in 1872 with a team of oxen named Jolly and Bright, and I still have the walking plow.