prairie grouse

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Noun1.Prairie grouse - brown mottled North American grouse of western prairiesprairie grouse - brown mottled North American grouse of western prairies
grouse - popular game bird having a plump body and feathered legs and feet
genus Tympanuchus, Tympanuchus - prairie chickens
greater prairie chicken, Tympanuchus cupido - the most common variety of prairie chicken
lesser prairie chicken, Tympanuchus pallidicinctus - a smaller prairie chicken of western Texas
heath hen, Tympanuchus cupido cupido - extinct prairie chicken
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Anyone watching this gun dog at work would quickly understand why this breed has been, still is, and will be so popular with hunters who appreciate high style combined with an intense bird finding ability on anything from ruffed grouse and woodcock to prairie grouse, all species of quail, and, of course, ringneck pheasants.
Texas senators want less protection for the Lesser Prairie Chicken (Houston Chronicle): "The prairie grouse may be 'lesser,' but that certainly doesn't make it any less important to the senators from Texas.
The team included Professor Emeritus of Kansas State University and Kansas' leading prairie grouse biologist, Dr.
Current inventory and monitoring projects include: raptor nest surveys, raptor habitat use, prairie grouse habitat and population surveys, butterfly surveys, rare plant surveys, fish surveys, development of conservation assessments and strategies, prairie dog and small mammal surveys, western prairie fringed orchid monitoring, development of a rare plant habitat model, floristic quality assessments, and general vegetation mapping.
While hunted "lightly," Deuce determinedly covered nearly 57 miles of open country in a little over two days in search of sharptails and prairie grouse.
Greater Prairie-Chickens (Tympanuchus cupido) are a ground-nesting prairie grouse with an extant distribution ranging from Oklahoma to North Dakota (Johnson et al.
DISCUSSION--Excessive grazing by livestock often has been suggested as a possible cause for declines in populations of prairie grouse, including lesser prairie-chickens (Jackson and DeArment, 1963; Johnsgard, 2002; Silvy et al.
1-7, in Proceedings of the prairie grouse symposium, 17-18 September 1980 (P.
Today the state population of prairie chickens is estimated at less than 100--affirmation of what their study found, that the population of the once numerous prairie grouse was rapidly declining, despite a hunting ban since the early 1900s.
Despite the focus on prairie grouse (19 of 25 chapters) in North America, the subject material is quite broad and the papers use a wide range of modern methodology.
Our main target is wild pheasants, but we have also used our pointing Labs on prairie grouse, ruffed grouse, chukar partridge, Hungarian partridge, bobwhite quail, and desert quail.
Schroeder and Baydack (2001) speculated that habitat degradation at prairie grouse leks may have exacerbated predation risks.