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(ˈprʊdʒnə; -njɑː)
(Buddhism) wisdom or understanding considered as the goal of Buddhist contemplation
[from Sanskrit prajñā, from prajānāti he knows]


(ˈprʌdʒ nyɑ, -nə)

n. Buddhism, Hinduism.
pure and unqualified knowledge; Enlightenment.
[< Skt prajñā]
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Prajna Pranab and Kali Prajita, who used to live at an abandoned house in Scammonden, have spoken about their new life in a sustainable off-the-grid community in Portugal.
The ultimate good of Chan Buddhism is a mind that is no mind, that casts no shadow upon itself, that is infinitely receptive to Reality and open to possibilities, that is a locus of prajna when called upon but returns to a state of "intervalness" or tranquility immediately afterwards.
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Women First: Improve Society & Protect Environment (National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Population Media Center, Prajna Productions, FHI 360)
My social consciousness was honed through a year-long experience as a volunteer in 2009 with the Prajna Foundation, which works with slum dwellers in New Delhi.
The SOS programming solver was developed by Prajna et al.
Some say, "When [in the fourth of the five periods] the Buddha taught the Prajna sutras, that was the transmission of dharma.
Parasher's daughter, Dr Prajna Prasher- Malkhani, documents the trauma of the people who were being moved to shape nations.
PRAJNA VIEIRA HAS HONED her golden voice by singing devotional songs for Aroma, the humanitarian "hugging saint" from India who travels the world offering darshan in the form of loving embraces.
I introduced Allen and he sat down on a small stool and people asked questions and he talked till about 6:00--talked of ecology, the Greenhouse effect, [illegible], and chanted for Pollard the Prajna Paramita Sutra in Sino-Japanese and then in English--beautiful.
Children Yashas Lakkappa, Rahul Kalyanshetti, Prajna Mahesh, Shrishti Shetty, Prajna Mahesh rendered the welcome song and Savita Arun were presented awards by Katti.
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