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Given to or characterized by impishness or playfulness; mischievous.

prank′ish·ly adv.
prank′ish·ness n.


in a prankish manner, mischievously
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The stranger-than-fiction result is a prankishly entertaining documentary well-suited for people who think they don't like documentaries.
The Bruce High Quality Foundation--an officially anonymous New York--based art collective, which drew attention to itself in 2005 by prankishly attempting to deliver by motorboat a scaled-down version of one of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's saffron-colored "gates" to Robert Smithson's posthumously iterated Floating Island on the Hudson River--is now taking on art education.
I probably shouldn't be doing this," he told himself prankishly, as he dialed Gorzki's apartment.
The jammer attempts to reconfigure the torrent from below, prankishly altering public images to make a point.
Yet a closer look reveals some of them prankishly hanging from posts to make themselves more visible to the camera.