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also prax·i·ol·o·gy  (prăk′sē-ŏl′ə-jē)
The study of human conduct.

prax′e·o·log′i·cal (-ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.


(Philosophy) of or pertaining to praxeology
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Nor do we have to interpret Mises to say that only praxeological theory can explain all historical processes in the economy.
2001): A praxeological approximation to subjectivation in material world.
Attempts to refute this praxeological view of economics were made by some classical economists, and also by the logical positivism of the XIX century and its later implications, especially in neoclassical economics.
ABSTRACT: As the first application of the praxeological discipline of "Cratics" (Taghizadegan and Otto, 2015), a theory of the supply and demand of bads is developed.
In information processes, in praxeological terms, "information" is a factor which puts subject closer to one of the expected final states, in cognitive terms it is required for the organization to change its state of knowledge (in the deliberations of P.
He offered a sociological, praxeological explanation for why a mujtahid, acting as a judge, should not change his position every time his interpretation changed on account of the loss of confidence this might cause among subjects of the law.
The survey showed a "tense and partly contradictory image" when it came to problem-solving strategies: On the one hand, there was "the option for the awareness of determining disciplinary boundaries; on the other hand, there was "the determination of the discipline as a seismographic and praxeological organ, depending on emerging social problems in the field of communication" (Kroll, 1980, p.
In doing so, they would believe themselves to be claiming higher ideological and theological ground while concomitantly expressing aversion and disavowal of praxeological violence, both their own and God's.
If I schematize in praxeological terms what happened, I would compress Edwards' work to say this: Global models need global data.
Here it is difficult not to notice a deep continuity between Mises' praxeological method of economics and Gadamer's hermeneutics.
Taking on a different aspect of practice, Matthias Kluckmann's "Practicing Community: Outline of a Praxeological Approach to the Feeling of We-ness" follows some like terrain.
Praxeological stream was determined by the possibility of using the achievements of praxeology, in particular with regard to determining of the conditions for the most efficient functioning of teams.