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also prax·i·ol·o·gy  (prăk′sē-ŏl′ə-jē)
The study of human conduct.

prax′e·o·log′i·cal (-ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.


(Philosophy) of or pertaining to praxeology
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Although praxeological economics, as a science, may be value free, the human world is not.
17) Murray Rothbard supports this view, regarding "Crusoe economics" as an essential even "indispensible" part of the basic principles of praxeological analysis (18) and notes Bastiat's contribution.
Institutional efficiency is a function of the underlying incentive structure, which, in turn, is largely a function of the underlying ideological conditions As it happens, the praxeological features of collective action imply that minorities can undertake it with much greater facility than majorities, since within small groups benefits are more highly concentrated, interests are more uniform, and effective monitoring of free-riders is more feasible.
Classical methodology of entrepreneurial logistics is considered to involve the praxeological approach which is viewed as a science of rational activities.
While Younkins acknowledges that Mises's view of economics is a value-free science concerning instrumental (means-end) rationality, he also argues that, "although the world of praxeological economics, as a science, may be value-free, the human world is not value-free" (p.
In such a society, science not only performs an epistemological but also innovation, socio-cultural and praxeological functions.
26) Austrian economic philosophy is characterized by the subjective theory of value; advocacy of a "minimal state"; praxeological interpretations of economic behavior; (27) ordinal marginal utility; non-neutrality of money (common with the post-Keynesians); and, most importantly, the greater efficiency of resource allocation and preservation of human liberty facilitated by free market economies vis-a-vis other forms of economic organization.
Since local spaces differ greatly from national ones, more creative methodological and praxeological approaches of integrating local knowledge will be required.
The shift of official Catholic self-understanding toward the praxeological has been manifested more recently in the teaching of Pope Benedict XVI.
Three positions can be distinguished within the social science literature: primordialism, instrumentalism and constructivism, each with its own specific praxeological recommendations.
Toward a Praxeological Theory of the Firm," Review of Austrian Economics 12, no.
Arthur's enquiry is thus more reminiscent of Schiffer's behavioural archaeology than either Lemmonier's concept of chaines operatoires or Appadurai's notion of artefacts as having social lives, let alone Jean-Pierre Warnier's praxeological concept of containers.