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Noun1.praya - colonial siphonophore of up to 130 ft long
siphonophore - a floating or swimming oceanic colony of polyps often transparent or showily colored
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Porto Praya -- Ribeira Grande -- Atmospheric Dust with Infusoria -- Habits of a Sea-slug and Cuttle-fish -- St.
On the 16th of January, 1832, we anchored at Porto Praya, in St.
When the island was discovered, the immediate neighbourhood of Porto Praya was clothed with trees, [1] the reckless destruction of which has caused here, as at St.
One day, two of the officers and myself rode to Ribeira Grande, a village a few miles eastward of Porto Praya.
We then returned, as fast as the ponies would go, to Porto Praya.
The morning before we anchored at Porto Praya, I collected a little packet of this brown-coloured fine dust, which appeared to have been filtered from the wind by the gauze of the vane at the masthead.
In fact, plans did exist for the Thai navy to prevent a hostile navy entering the Chao Praya River or disembarking troops on nearby coasts.
Una vez alli, los viajeros no pueden dejar de peregrinar a sus templos sagrados, disfrutar de un viaje en barco por el rio Chao Praya, perderse por el alocado barrio de Chinatown o contemplar un combate de Moi Tai.
Distance from Praya (Lombok International Airport) - 20 km, 1 km from Tanjahanjah.
The hearse then headed off to the Eka Praya Crematorium, situated within a Chinese cemetery.
Some Sasak inland areas had their own rajas, such as Sakra, Kopang, and Praya.