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1. Inclined or given to praying frequently; devout.
2. Typical or indicative of prayer, as a mannerism, gesture, or facial expression.

prayer′ful·ly adv.
prayer′ful·ness n.


inclined to or characterized by prayer
ˈprayerfully adv
ˈprayerfulness n


(ˈprɛər fəl)

given to or expressive of prayer; devout.
prayer′ful•ly, adv.
prayer′ful•ness, n.
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Adj.1.prayerful - disposed to pray or appearing to pray
pious - having or showing or expressing reverence for a deity; "pious readings"


Deeply concerned with God and the beliefs and practice of religion:
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They are community, faithfulness, prayerfulness and humility.
By contrast, authentic Christian leaders must be like Christ in having a servant heart, humility, integrity, purity, lack of greed, prayerfulness, dependence on God's Spirit, and a deep love for people.
Ms Sadiq said: "The uniqueness of this mihrab is that each tile is a representation of an individual's sincere and heartfelt du'a, a spiritual act of prayerfulness.
Like Brown, Davies explores universal themes of right and wrong, prayerfulness in the midst of strife, and hope in the throes of injustice.
Brief and spare, her poems are reminiscent of Emily Dickinson's in their restraint, George Herbert's in their prayerfulness, and Thomas Traherne's and Gerard Manley Hopkins's in their radiant awe and wonder.
While Exodus focuses us on prayerfulness with God, the Deuteronomy command focuses us on a playfulness with one another.
What value can music specifically bring to the life of a parish or the prayerfulness of the liturgy?
Some noted a shortage of enthusiasm on Benedict's part in calling and preparing for Assisi 2011, as well as a general lack of prayerfulness at the gathering itself.
Hannah is the model of prayerfulness, and her life serves as an example of how prayer can transform us.
She embodies another characteristic of prophets: constant prayerfulness.
The retired Anglican bishop, 80, said: "His intellect, his spirituality and prayerfulness have held a fractious communion together.
Ultimately, the conservative prayerfulness beneath Malick's innovation makes this film more commercially daring than formally so.