pre-emptive strike

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Noun1.pre-emptive strike - a surprise attack that is launched in order to prevent the enemy from doing it to you
coup de main, surprise attack - an attack without warning
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Due in stores Tuesday, Beck's latest album, simply titled ``Jeff'' (perhaps as a pre-emptive strike before Silver Lake's Beck grabs his first name, too), the disc is another meld of contemporary electronica and searing fretwork.
Tony Martin made a pre-emptive strike and he was right.
George asserts the right of the US to make a pre-emptive strike against any nation considered t o be a danger to world peace
So why not send Putin packing, impose sanctions, invent dossiers, and threaten a pre-emptive strike unless he falls in line?
Newport team manager Jim McCreedy said the club had acted as a pre-emptive strike to head off any WRU charges.
IT IS good to read that the Conwy and Denbighshire Health Trust is making a pre-emptive strike for a larger share of the cake by forecasting a pounds 4.
A pre-emptive strike on Iraq will make Tony Blair the first British Prime Minister to hold office while indictable as a war criminal.
The new store was in part a move to pre-emptive strike to guard against a competitor moving into that location, a company spokesman said.
The Tigers, though, made a similar pre-emptive strike almost three years ago when Healey was cited by London Irish after stamping on Exiles scrum-half Kevin Putt, only to see the RFU hit him with an eight-week ban, including a three-week Leicester suspension, which meant that he was sidelined for England's 1999 Five Nations campaign, apart from the final game, when he sat on the bench against Wales.
The move was clearly designed as a pre-emptive strike on Tory plans for a "seven days to save the pound" campaign before polling day.
This was a pre-emptive strike, the way I look at it,'' Dispenza said, standing with Ramirez outside the old house after the bulldozer was turned off and parked.
Education sources said the move was a pre-emptive strike to quell any attempt to scrap fees elsewhere in the UK.