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adj. preach·i·er, preach·i·est
Inclined or given to tedious and excessive moralizing; didactic.

preach′i·ly adv.
preach′i·ness n.


the quality of being preachy; a preachy style, esp a tedious one
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One critic noted that there was "much more of Anna and May, unfortunately, than of Wong in the lady's voice, which imparts an uncomfortable dissonance, a plaintive monotone of New England preachiness, to the chinoiserie" (47)
But rather than veer toward preachiness, the show observes how unprepared law enforcement is for online threats--how difficult it is for our political system to govern the privately owned sandbox of free speech and user profiles.
Humanity, not treacle or preachiness, was also what had to come out in these moments in the film.
Then again, Jamie -- for all his bonhomie -- is also the lecturing type, the line between food education and just plain preachiness being quite a thin one.
All in all, Moor is a true Pakistani film devoid of pretention or the annoying preachiness that has become the hallmark of most local art' films.
This vision launched him into an attack on the tiresome preachiness of British Sabbatarian reformers he blamed for the dullness of British working-class life outside the workplace (89).
Covering a wide variety of relevant issues such as cultivating compassion, dealing with anger, developing empathy, and being accountable, Parenting with Presence transcends the preachiness and how-to vibe too often found in books on raising children.
Following discussions about maximising the entertainment value of the material and minimising preachiness, the question evolved into: 'What's your reaction if a bloke cracks onto you?
Though the content of the book may titillate some people by awakening in them the primordial instinct of closeness to nature, it may be a turnoff to others: The book is peppered throughout with, shall we say, political preachiness.
The politics of the younger generation of new nature writers are less obviously rooted in the anarchistic, cooperative projects of the 1960s counterculture and they tend to emerge obliquely in writing which always seems wary of resorting to preachiness or incantation.
3) The absence of any moralism about the events mentioned allows La nostra vita, if nothing else, to avoid falling into the trap of preachiness.
The lower the number of ideas entering an environment, the easier it is for the few ideas that are in the environment to take root and become obsessive to the point where you have to hide behind curtains and unfriend people on Facebook to get around the general preachiness of things.