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adj. preach·i·er, preach·i·est
Inclined or given to tedious and excessive moralizing; didactic.

preach′i·ly adv.
preach′i·ness n.


the quality of being preachy; a preachy style, esp a tedious one
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Though the content of the book may titillate some people by awakening in them the primordial instinct of closeness to nature, it may be a turnoff to others: The book is peppered throughout with, shall we say, political preachiness.
3) The absence of any moralism about the events mentioned allows La nostra vita, if nothing else, to avoid falling into the trap of preachiness.
The lower the number of ideas entering an environment, the easier it is for the few ideas that are in the environment to take root and become obsessive to the point where you have to hide behind curtains and unfriend people on Facebook to get around the general preachiness of things.
Given all the stifling preachiness, that's to be expected," wrote Andy Webster of the New York Times.
It avoids the pitfall of preachiness, delivering a surprisingly insightful story about an iconic piece of American life.
There is not a single note of preachiness or abstraction in the song.
As to recycling, your ardent recyclers are prone to preachiness.
Too fiercely political at times for her routine, which was heavy on earnest rallying for social justice, but light on big laughs to balance the political preachiness.
Nimbly steering clear of preachiness and sloganeering--in spite of the clearly contemporary message--Ziegler offers a slim thread of redemption that stems from his characters' archetypal American ass-kicking.
There is also a refreshing absence of preachiness from Davina regarding fitness - even if she does suggest we all start getting in shape now rather than do the easy thing and wait until the New Year.
It's an upsetting, powerfully acted cautionary tale, but director David Schwimmer doesn't have the subtlety to avoid worthy preachiness about parents monitoring social websites and how advertising sexualises children.
In fact, each of these poets sometimes errs on the count of preachiness or aloofness, preciousness or didacticism.