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 (prē′ăd-ăp-tā′shən, -əp-)
1. A characteristic of an ancestral species or population that serves an adaptive though different function in a descendant species or population.
2. The ability of a characteristic to assume a new biological function without evolutionary modification.


(Biology) biology the possession by a species or other group of characteristics that may favour survival in a changed environment, such as the limblike fins of crossopterygian fishes, which are preadaptation to terrestrial life


(ˌpri æd əpˈteɪ ʃən)

Biol. a structure or property that develops in an ancestral stock and becomes useful in a descendant in a changed environment.
pre`a•dapt′ (-əˈdæpt) v.i.
pre`a•dap′tive, adj.
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This may have preadapted it for the invasion of similar disturbed environments in Australia (Stanisic et al.
The ability to generate expectancy signals will be compared for repetitive contacts as with natural objects and un-natural sequences to which the system is not preadapted.
Greenbug (Homoptera: Aphididae) biotypes: selected by resistant cultivars or preadapted opportunists?
Preadapted for invasiveness: do species traits or their plastic response to shading differ between invasive and non-invasive plant species in their native range?
The lack of a true potamon with depositional substrate and lowered dissolved oxygen which would necessitate an invertebrate fauna preadapted to those conditions precludes any major faunal composition shift in the Buff Bay River as demonstrated by Baptista et al.
Greenbug (Homoptera, Aphididae) biotypes selected by resistant cultivars or preadapted opportunists?
Were tropical lineages handicapped in the process of colonization of the paramo environment with the year-round risk of subzero temperatures and physiological dryness against the presumably preadapted temperate lineages arriving flora the highly seasonal climate?
This will help scientists determine where to collect preadapted natural enemies of the insect for a biological control program.
He shows that arguments to the effect that Jews were culturally preadapted to urban life and industrial occupations simply do not hold up to the facts: Jews were geographically segregated in the Pale and peripheral to such capitalist modernizing as there was in Russia; the economy in which they were enmeshed was a Jewish ethnic economy, not urban, and it was artisan rather than industrially based.
While the path towards these portals might have been long and torturous in each case the physical structure of the environment prepared and preadapted organisms for this transition.
15234 31246 PRIONOPINE (w2) 15234 31264 NOTODONTID (w2) 15234 31624 PREADAPTED 15234 36124 TITTY-TOTTY * 15234 63124 PNEOSCOPES (st)
The population may be genetically preadapted to cope with the rapid climate change that we're seeing," he says.