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 (prē′ăm′bəl, prē-ăm′-)
1. A preliminary statement, especially:
a. The introduction to a formal document that explains its purpose.
b. A statement accompanying a law or regulation specifying its purpose or reason for enactment.
2. An introductory occurrence or fact; a preliminary.

[Middle English, from Old French preambule, from Medieval Latin praeambulum, from neuter of Late Latin praeambulus, walking in front : Latin prae-, pre- + Latin ambulāre, to walk; see ambulate.]

pre·am′bu·lar′y (-byə-lĕr′ē) adj.


of, pertaining to or of the nature of a preamble; preliminary, introductory
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24) Notably, this expansion was accompanied by a shift away from invoking defamation in the relatively harmless context of preambulary front matter to including it in the more significant operative paragraphs of a given resolution.
Two preambulary Jesuit dramas were staged on the same occasion at the Collegio Romano: the Pirimalo by Padre Alessandro Donati on a subject matter from St.
UAE officials explained during a June 3, 2009, briefing that the government's nuclear cooperation agreement with France contains preambulary language describing the UAE's commitment to refrain from enrichment and reprocessing.