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(priˌæn əsˈθɛt ɪk, ˌpri æn-)

1. a substance that produces a preliminary or light anesthesia.
2. given prior to an anesthetic that induces total insensibility.


n. preanestésico, agente preliminar que se administra con anticipación a la anestesia general.
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Every patient was evaluated with a thorough preanesthetic checkup including routine preoperative investigations one day prior to the surgery.
All patients that complied with the inclusion criteria were selected, these criteria being: age between 18 and 65 years, admitted for urgent or elective non-ambulatory surgery under anesthesia and presenting severe postoperative pain in the PACU, having undergone a preanesthetic assessment, not being pregnant, not having a background of hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to opioids, having signed the informed consent form for voluntary participation in the study, and not having a risk of ASA >III, hypoxemia (oxyhemoglobin saturation <90%), hemodynamic instability, unexplained alteration of alertness due to anesthetic effects, or basic neurological alterations due to psychiatric disorders.
Pre-surgical evaluation (T1); after preanesthetic medication (MPA); trans-surgical/ Immediately after hemostasis for the second ovary (T2); after 4 (T3), 24 (T4) and 72 hours from surgical procedures (T5).
3 mg/kg of BW) mixed in a single syringe with 15 mg of ketamine hydrochloride/kg of BW as a preanesthetic tranquilizer.
Preanesthetic assessment was done the evening before the day of surgery.
In other nonpsychiatric indications, the drug is used in the symptomatic treatment of vomiting and intractable hiccups and in the treatment of severe pain and is associated with antihistamines during preanesthetic clinical interventions.
On preanesthetic examination the dog appeared slightly nervous but in good physical condition (ASA II).
This allowed for placement of a catheter in the auricular vein and administration of the preanesthetic drug propofol (2 mg/s, iv).