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1. A stipend historically drawn by a beneficed canon of a cathedral or collegiate church.
2. The property or tithe providing the endowment for such a stipend.
3. A prebendary.

[Middle English prebende, from Old French, from Medieval Latin praebenda, from Late Latin, state allowance, from Latin, neuter pl. gerundive of praebēre, to grant, from praehibēre : prae-, pre- + habēre, to hold; see ghabh- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·ben′dal (prĭ-bĕn′dl, prĕb′ən-dəl) adj.
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Dwina, 62, was also left the couple's jointly-owned properties including Prebendal House in Thame, Oxfordshire and a home in Kensington, west London as well as money in their joint bank accounts.
Cream teas, light lunches and all-day breakfasts are on the menu at the "pop up" cafe at the Cathedral's Prebendal House which will be open all through the summer.
Unit 6, The Globe |Centre, Wellfield Road, Cardiff, CF24 3PJ, call 029 2049 5975 Llandaff Cathedral's new pop-up summer cafe Cream teas, light lunches and all-day breakfasts are on the menu at a pop-up cafe at Prebendal House which will be open through the summer.
The result has been high level corruption, lack of transparency and accountability, coups and counter-coups, electoral fraud and prebendal behavior among past and present military and civilian rulers.
33) See, Richard Joseph, Democracy and Prebendal Politics in Nigeria: The Rise and Fall of the Second Republic (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1987).
Thus, in his work entitled 'Democracy and Prebendal Politics in Nigeria' Richard Joseph uses the term "prebendal" to identify patterns of political behaviour in Nigeria which rests on the justifying principle that state power should be treated as "a cogeries of offices which can be competed for, appropriated and then administered for the benefit of individual occupants and their support groups.
There is a clamour for revolutionary transformation of society and the abandonment of the prebendal mode of ontology since the masses and their leaders are projected as the real makers of history.
Nigeria has been variously described as 'a rogue, prebendal, inefficient and predatory state, characterized by weak and captured institutions, absence of social cohesiveness, low levels of autonomy', the pervasiveness of patron-clientilism, an aversion to development, and vulnerability to societal fragmentation and factional conflict.
For another comprehensive and authoritative discussion of the nature, structure and features of plural societies, see Richard Joseph, Democracy and Prebendal Politics in Nigeria.
The prebendal stall was never going to occupy a great deal of his time, and Gresley took to writing.
Joseph, Democracy and Prebendal Polities in Nigeria: The Rise and Fall of the Second Republic (Cambridge University Press, 1987); Vandewalle, A History of Modern Libya.
In place of Lumumba who wanted African resources used to create jobs, prosperity and amenities for Africans, the Europeans and Americans installed Mobutu, the kind of manufactured African ruler who did not mind the pillage of the continent as long as he, his family and his tribe got enriched on the imperial leavings fed him as prebendal aid and loans.