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1. A stipend historically drawn by a beneficed canon of a cathedral or collegiate church.
2. The property or tithe providing the endowment for such a stipend.
3. A prebendary.

[Middle English prebende, from Old French, from Medieval Latin praebenda, from Late Latin, state allowance, from Latin, neuter pl. gerundive of praebēre, to grant, from praehibēre : prae-, pre- + habēre, to hold; see ghabh- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·ben′dal (prĭ-bĕn′dl, prĕb′ən-dəl) adj.


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the stipend assigned by a cathedral or collegiate church to a canon or member of the chapter
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the land, tithe, or other source of such a stipend
3. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a less common word for prebendary
4. (Anglicanism) Church of England the office, formerly with an endowment, of a prebendary
[C15: from Old French prébende, from Medieval Latin praebenda pension, stipend, from Latin praebēre to offer, supply, from prae forth + habēre to have, offer]
prebendal adj


(ˈprɛb ənd)

1. a stipend allotted from the revenues of a cathedral or a collegiate church to a canon or member of the chapter.
2. the land yielding such a stipend.
3. a prebendary.
[1375–1425; late Middle English prebende < Medieval Latin prēbenda, praebenda prebend, Late Latin: allowance, neuter pl. gerundive of Latin prae(hi)bēre to offer, furnish]
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Noun1.prebend - the stipend assigned by a cathedral to a canon
stipend - a sum of money allotted on a regular basis; usually for some specific purpose


[ˈprebənd] N (= stipend) → prebenda f; (= person) → prebendado m


n (form) (= stipend)Pfründe f, → Präbende f; (= person)Pfründner m, → Pfründeninhaber m, → Präbendar(ius) m
References in classic literature ?
He thought religion was a very excellent thing, and Aristotle a great authority, and deaneries and prebends useful institutions, and Great Britain the providential bulwark of Protestantism, and faith in the unseen a great support to afflicted minds; he believed in all these things, as a Swiss hotel-keeper believes in the beauty of the scenery around him, and in the pleasure it gives to artistic visitors.
Mick Stephenson's replica of the cathedral's Rose Window made from recycled plastic bottles for the Litre of Light charity campaign, delighted audiences in the cloister, as did TILT's tropical Garden of Light in the cathedral college and along South Bailey and Prebends Bridge.
The pathway follows the bend of the River Wear to Prebends Bridge where it is worth pausing to take in some glorious views of the cathedral and the downstream channel of the river.
Similarly, Joseph (1987) contends that the "politics of competition over allocation of resources, or what in Nigeria is called 'the national cake', has its most dire consequences in the transformation of the offices of the state into prebends.
Heritage is a major area of expertise for Patrick Parsons, which has worked on sites such as Durham Cathedral and the UNESCO World Heritage site Prebends Bridge.
This memorable city portrait, depicting the stunning view from Prebends Bridge, featured a wonderfully plaintive cello solo by the RLPO''s Jonathan Aasgaard.
It was also good to hear principal cello Jonathan Aasgaard playing Jon Lord's From Prebends Bridge, the fourth movement of his Durham Concerto, a nice piece of background music.
You can even read part of his Grey Towers Of Durham poem on the city's Prebends bridge if you take a stroll around the River Wear guarding this medieval city.
John Davies was enjoying a walk with his wife Joan when he spotted a woman struggling in the River Wear, near Prebends Bridge, Durham.
To state the obvious, it is also a central sector (especially in Algeria and Libya) in terms of its political weight: it provides the revenues that facilitate the deployment of prebends and formidable patron-client relationships in the Maghrebi political system.
Durham's 'Light and Darkness' strategy, in a plan called 2020 Vision, is unique in that it incorporates protection and enhancement of dark areas to make it more friendly to the bats that haunt dark wooded area around the Prebends B ridge.
Susan McKillop is completing a book on Cosimo that will detail his gifts of objects, such as vestments, and of prebends to the Cathedral (as well as to other churches).