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Jesus' admonition to forgive one's enemies is often thought to do away with the "law of the talion," or an "eye for an eye" retribution 6 a standard that goes as far back as the prebiblical (http://avalon.
In the first instance of seeing, Darwish declares a singular self that creates its private lexicon of sorrow and praise and transformation into the collective: a prebiblical past, a Palestinian present, and a future where the self flies "just to fly," free from "the knot of symbols," to where compassion is "one in the nights" with "one moon for all, for both sides of the trench.
Their overall prebiblical designs and the methods of construction show an "amazing continuity over the millennia," proof of the continuity of Palestinians and their ancestors on the land.
Schwartz, in The Curse of Coin: The Violent Legacy of Monotheism (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1997), sheds an interesting light on the right of refusal -- or the absence of it--in the covenants of biblical and prebiblical times.
Tammuz was fascinated by biblical motifs and tried to unravel the prebiblical origins of the local populace.