Relating to or being a structure that is constructed or assembled before being transported to its site of installation; prefabricated: a prebuilt home.
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Symphony, the real-time communications platform ensuring security, privacy and compliance of financial and enterprise customers, will occupy 8,590 square feet of prebuilt space on the 45th floor of the Class-A tower.
SOA Software Lifecycle Manager now ships with prebuilt integration for Jenkins and TeamCity.
As part of the preparation for this transformation, Unisys brings best practices and prebuilt IP to optimize and automate current processes and to create more self-service channels for users.
2 features new editions of Igloo Express and Igloo Express Plus, which enable users to quickly use prebuilt Igloo capital models--without having to be build experts--through model inputs, and reports.
Prebuilt Compliance Paks deliver out-of-the-box compliance for the gas and hazardous chemical pipelines (49 CFR 192) industries, www.
Additionally, there are 25 prebuilt survey templates and 30 color themes, the plan also contains all online survey basic features.
New York City prebuilt office spaces, built by a landlord before leasing as opposed to being commissioned by a tenant, are evolving into a crucial part of building sales strategy and attracting higher-end clients, according to the New York Times.
And Implements Prebuilt Solutions for Account Opening & Deposits, Payments, Check Processing and Treasury Services Polaris Software, a leading Financial Technology company, announced that CRDB, the second largest bank in Tanzania, has centralized its banking processes using prebuilt solutions available in Intellect Business Process Studio* (BPS).
For example, the Password Management Appliance provides prebuilt options for users to reset their passwords, while the Single Sign On Appliance allows administrators to centralize security and authentication policies for web applications across their institution.
While Dell describe the 630i as an entry-level gaming PC, it's a very impressively kitted system that comes in at a pretty decent price for a prebuilt machine of this type.
If you're one of the guys who plunks down 10 grand for some prebuilt custom jobber or couldn't change a sparkplug to save your life, save your breath and go buy Tiger Beat or something.
CVM Lite features prebuilt templates for managing patient information, appointments and other workflow.