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 (prĕk′ə-tôr′ē) also prec·a·tive (-tĭv)
Relating to or expressing entreaty or supplication.

[Late Latin precātōrius, from Latin precārī, to entreat; see precarious.]


(ˈprɛkətərɪ; -trɪ)
rare of, involving, or expressing entreaty; supplicatory. Also: precative
[C17: from Late Latin precātōrius relating to petitions, from Latin precārī to beg, pray]


(ˈprɛk əˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i)

also prec′a•tive,

pertaining to or expressive of entreaty or supplication: precatory overtures.
[1630–40; < Late Latin precātōrius= Latin precā(rī) to pray, entreat + -tōrius -tory1]


- Words of recommendation, request, entreaty, wish, or expectation, employed in wills, as distinguished from express directions.
See also related terms for request.
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Adj.1.precatory - expressing entreaty or supplication; "precatory overtures"
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It "draws the attention of the local press, is more substantive than adoption of a precatory resolution of censure or disapproval, and presents little economic risk to the jurisdiction.
Two reasons for this counterintuitive conclusion are given: (1) Imprecise statements should not be accepted "because if an error occurs it should be made on the side of life"; and (2) even if such precatory statements are clear, "there always exists the possibility that, despite his or her clear expression in the past, the patient has since changed his or her mind.
At the Company's annual meeting on September 28, 2010, shareholders defeated a precatory proposal that sought to raise the Rights Plan threshold from 20% to 30%.
We are looking forward to the upcoming annual meeting, where stockholders will have an opportunity to vote on our precatory proposal and send a message to the board that PayPal should be separated from eBay NOW .
39) The provision of FAPE is an entitlement, not merely a precatory goal.
78) Further, whenever shareholders pass a resolution, it is usually a precatory (non-binding) one, and deference is still afforded to management under the business judgment rule.
It is also time, as Vice Chancellor Strine urges, to bring a long overdue halt to today's precatory (non-binding) proposal process, and to replace it with a form of bylaw which would have a binding effect on the firm.
12) A dozen boards witnessed holders of more than half of their companies' shares support the precatory proposals.
Additionally, guidelines that are merely precatory might still maintain the presence of sufficiently strong incentives for the prosecutor to pursue most vigilantly those who are least able to defend themselves.
Shareholders have been making increasing use of both state and federal authority to advance measures influencing corporation governance, both through actual changes to the bylaws or certificates of incorporation and through precatory proposals.
Riggio's perspective on Barnes & Noble's growth opportunities, the strategic review process, and the precatory shareholder proposal submitted by Ronald Burkle's investment vehicle, The Yucaipa Companies, to amend the Company's Shareholder Rights Plan.