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A cleric who directs the choral services of a church or cathedral.

[Latin praecentor, from praecentus, past participle of praecinere, to sing before : prae-, pre- + canere, to sing; see kan- in Indo-European roots.]

pre′cen·to′ri·al (prē′sĕn-tôr′ē-əl) adj.


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a cleric who directs the choral services in a cathedral
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a person who leads a congregation or choir in the sung parts of church services
[C17: from Late Latin praecentor leader of the music, from prae before + canere to sing]
precentorial adj
preˈcentorˌship n


(prɪˈsɛn tər)

a person who leads a church choir or congregation in singing.
[1605–15; < Late Latin praecentor leader in music, derivative of Latin praecen-, variant s. of praecinere to lead in singing]


a person who leads a church choir or congregation in singing.
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Noun1.precentor - the musical director of a choirprecentor - the musical director of a choir  
musician - artist who composes or conducts music as a profession


[prɪˈsentəʳ] Nchantre m


nVorsänger(in) m(f), → Präzentor(in) m(f) (spec)
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The cries of the sheep upon the neighbouring hills, the streamlets upon either hand, one loudly singing among pebbles, the other dripping furtively from pond to pond, the stir of the wind in mountainous old flowering chestnuts, and once in seven days the voice of the bell and the old tunes of the precentor, were the only sounds that disturbed the silence around the rural church.
For instance: I should have put in the foreground your being so much respected as Lay Precentor, or Lay Clerk, or whatever you call it, of this Cathedral; your enjoying the reputation of having done such wonders with the choir; your choosing your society, and holding such an independent position in this queer old place; your gift of teaching (why, even Pussy, who don't like being taught, says there never was such a Master as you are
postulants, scribes, gooroos, precentors, beadles, fakeers, sextons,
In the Nave, the Canon Precentor, Jeremy Dussek explained how the Lenten Stations of the Cross banners created for the pillars had been devised to incorporate World War 1 photos and memorabilia provided by members of the Cathedral congregation.
And Canon WEB CHAT: Precentor Paul Greenwell, responsible for music and worship at Ripon Cathedral, said: "We forget sometimes that even writing was cutting edge social media once.
Reverend Canon Dr David Stone, Canon Precentor, added: "We are immensely proud of the choral tradition here at Coventry.
The Reverend Canon Michael Hampel, the precentor of St.
Robinson follows the rather tortuous history of research on these manuscripts and the attempts to connect them to Cambridge until 1963, when Ian Harwood proved that they were all in the hand of Mathew Holmes, ironically at Christ Church, Oxford, where he served as precentor and singing master, ca.
Rev David R MacInnes, Precentor, Cathedral, Birmingham Mail, August 7, 1972
The Precentor at the Cathedral, the cleric whose role is to assist with choirs and music, is the Rev Canon Michael Outram.
The Reverend Canon Michael Hampel, precentor, canon in residence, at St Paul's, said: "We thank God for the lives of members of the order, for the adventure and courage, idealism and diligence, contributed to the life of our world.
The trucks are accompanied by quite a number of people on foot who follow the lead of a precentor specialized in devotional songs.