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A period of practical training for a student or novice under the supervision of a preceptor.
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Noun1.preceptorship - the position of preceptor
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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Recommendations to improve support in child protection and safeguarding practice Opportunities for feedback and debriefing sessions Regular caseload supervision Preceptorship for newly qualified health visitors Training and development Support to challenge Development of peer support forums
If so, we are looking for Band 5 nurses in the following areas: General Surgery Respiratory Care of the Elderly Acute Stroke Frailty What we offer: Excellent staff benefits, including an onsite Health Work and Wellbeing Service A comprehensive induction and preceptorship Dedicated support from the senior nursing team Career progression through training & development Flexible shift patterns Enquiries are more than welcome, please contact: Karen Barker (General Surgery) on Ext: 1745, Mike Babbs (Respiratory) on Ext: 2613 or Sue Noon (Care of the Elderly, Frailty & Acute Stroke) on Ext: 1205.
This article describes the components of an elective nursing course, Acute Patient Deterioration, which uses combined teaching modalities and a clinical preceptorship to teach baccalaureate students to quickly recognize and respond to APD.
You will also receive: | Additional financial support towards travel, childcare and cost of books etc; | Clear information on how to find a course; | Support in finding a clinical placement ; | Theory and clinical-based training; | Access to a mentor; | Simulation techniques to practice skills; and | Preceptorship support.
The preceptorship model is widely used in nursing and midwifery for supporting beginning level practitioners.
In 2004 he completed the Oral Implant Preceptorship at the University of Texas Dental School in San Antonio, and was also awarded a Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists; he is currently working on his master's degree.
You have to rely on everyone and they on you": Interdependence and the team-based rural nursing preceptorship
This can be certainly accomplished if new nursing graduates find a good preceptorship and an adequate time for training.
The AFDA must be a licensed hygienist or a licensed EFDA with work experience and complete a DQAC accredited AFDA program with a minimum length of two years and a 400-hour preceptorship under the close supervision and control of a dentist.
The strength of any preceptorship program is highly dependent upon the involvement of knowledgeable, experienced nurses who are willing to guide students toward clinical independence.
The nurses recently completed a three-year degree and diploma course and have now started a six-month preceptorship programme with the Trust.