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 (prĭ-sĕp′tə-rē, prē′sĕp-)
n. pl. pre·cep·to·ries
1. A chapter of a medieval military order such as the Knights Templars or of a modern fraternal order.
2. A building serving as an administrative or ritual center for such a chapter.


n, pl -ries
(Historical Terms) (formerly) a subordinate house or community of the Knights Templars


(prɪˈsɛp tə ri, ˈpri sɛp-)

n., pl. -ries.
a lodge or assembly of the Knights Templars; commandery.
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The next Preceptory would grant thee absolution for an oath, the keeping of which concerned nought but the honour or the dishonour of a miserable Jewish maiden.
Fr Michael Sheehan said Saturday's event was peaceful but added: "It was disheartening that the Royal Black Preceptory consider that the playing of The Sash as they march through this community of St Patrick's was respectful.
Between the golf course and his hotel Parkins endeavours to explore the ruins of a Templar site noted by a colleague, who had asked for his assistance in this matter: "if you are going to Burnstow, I wish you would look at the site of the Templar's preceptory, and let me know if you think it would be any good to have a dig there in the summer" (James 2007: 65).
The site of Penkridge Hall used to be part of the Knights Templar preceptory (an administrative centre which served as a hostelry, bank, church and, in the countryside, a farm) of Lydley Hayes, back in the 12 century.
The second and external crisis happened in summer 1998 with plans that Newry would host the County Down parade of The Loyal Order of the Royal Black Preceptory.
Nearby are the ruins of Low Chibburn Preceptory, set up in 1313 by the Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.
It is a significant site because it was the Templar Preceptory for Scotland.
75 from the American Choir Concert; Guy of Warwick Preceptory, annual donation of pounds 100; Mick MaGuire, from Jacks Barbers, pounds 2,000 from running the London Marathon.
454) Samuel McClintock, the local butcher and Worshipful Grand Master of the lodge of the Black Preceptory, who warns the girl away from Lofty.
The nostalgic last gathering was held by the Hope Preceptory of Knights Templar, who have met there since 1857.
The parade by the loyalist Black March Preceptory Order was passing through the staunchly nationalist Ferguson Crescent area of Castlederg, where dozens of Tyrone supporters in three separate licensed premises were celebrating their county's victory over Dublin.
Other places of interest include the Bennie Museum, Beecraigs Country Park, Cairnpapple Hill and Torphichen Preceptory.