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Capable of being precipitated.
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Additional weights might involve the sea-level pressure being below 1012 mb or precipitable water exceeding 1 inch.
2016, Estimation and evaluation of real-time precipitable water vapor from GLONASS and GPS.
For this case study, we observe precipitation rates and total amounts as a function of CAPE energy and precipitable water content due to the energy transfer rate through the OAI.
Fruit and wine analysis included anthocyanins, total phenolics, protein precipitable tannins and wine color (CIELab).
Joint Typhoon Warning Center said that the University of Wisconsin-Madison Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies microwave total precipitable water loop "indicates a band of dry air currently being entrained into the cyclone hindering further Intensification.
Variability of Atmospheric Transparency and Precipitable Water in Estonia During the Last Decades.
CPC precipitable uronic acid: creatinine ratio in random urine samples collected from normal children.
Commissioning of the high performance computing (HPC) system has provided opportunity to assimilate satellite radiance, Doppler Weather Radar (DWR), OCEANSAT (scatterometer, total precipitable water content) data etc.
The suitability of an observing site, particularly those tuning to submillimeter wavelengths, is often gauged from its Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) value, the depth of liquid that would be obtained if all the gaseous water along the line of sight to the zenith could be condensed.
One of the mechanisms of metal removal is via enzymatic reduction of metal into a less toxic precipitable form.