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Capable of being precipitated.
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height and moisture profiles, total precipitable water, and single level cloud-motion vector winds obtained from geostationary satellite images).
They embody the dependence of clear sky solar radiation upon local conditions, such as elevation, precipitable water content, and aerosols.
The most important atmospheric variables are generally the aerosol optical depth (characterized here by Angstrom's turbidity coefficient and wavelength exponent) and precipitable water (a measure of the total water vapor column).
Gueymard (2003) provides a review and evaluation of some solar models that use a broadband scheme and require atmospheric inputs (besides the zenith angle) such as site pressure, precipitable water, broadband aerosol optical depth, and total ozone abundance.
Variability of Atmospheric Transparency and Precipitable Water in Estonia During the Last Decades.
Commissioning of the high performance computing (HPC) system has provided opportunity to assimilate satellite radiance, Doppler Weather Radar (DWR), OCEANSAT (scatterometer, total precipitable water content) data etc.
In addition to the observed data, recent weather files such as the IWEC, TMY2, and TMY3 also derive other climatic parameters such as the extraterrestrial solar radiation, illuminance, aerosol optical depth, surface albedo, and precipitable moisture.
1999) showed that precipitable water (PW) anomalies were an important characteristic in identifying heavy rainfall events during the great Midwest floods of 1993 (e.
5,6) Its disadvantage is that variations in solar ultraviolet type B (UVB) due to changes in the thickness of the ozone layer, daily variations in cloud cover, rain, aerosol content of the air, precipitable water and season are not accounted for.
Use of precipitable TMB is possible because the instrument allows flow rate to be modified, even to 0, on the basis of experimental needs, and the internal size of the flow tubing is wide enough for the precipitates to pass through.