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1. Rushing or falling headlong.
2. Acting with or marked by impulsiveness in thought or action; rash. See Usage Note at precipitate.
3. Abrupt or unexpected; sudden.
n. Chemistry
A substance that causes a precipitate to form when it is added to a solution.

[Latin praecipitāns, praecipitant-, present participle of praecipitāre, to throw headlong; see precipitate.]

pre·cip′i·tant·ly adv.


1. hasty or impulsive; rash
2. rushing or falling rapidly or without heed
3. abrupt or sudden
(Chemistry) chem a substance or agent that causes a precipitate to form
preˈcipitance, preˈcipitancy n
preˈcipitantly adv


(prɪˈsɪp ɪ tənt)

1. hasty, sudden, or headlong; precipitate.
2. Chem. something that causes precipitation.
[1600–10; < Latin praecipitant- (s. of praecipitāns), present participle of praecipitāre to hurl down]
pre•cip′i•tan•cy (-tən si) pre•cip′i•tance, n.
pre•cip′i•tant•ly, adv.
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Noun1.precipitant - an agent that causes a precipitate to form
agent - a substance that exerts some force or effect
dimethylglyoxime - a compound used in analysis as a precipitant for palladium or nickel
Adj.1.precipitant - done with very great haste and without due deliberation; "hasty marriage seldom proveth well"- Shakespeare; "hasty makeshifts take the place of planning"- Arthur Geddes; "rejected what was regarded as an overhasty plan for reconversion"; "wondered whether they had been rather precipitate in deposing the king"
hurried - moving rapidly or performed quickly or in great haste; "a hurried trip to the store"; "the hurried life of a city"; "a hurried job"


2. Happening quickly and without warning:


n(Aus)fällungsmittel nt
adj = precipitate ADJ
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Contract award notice: precipitant for wwtp eisbiegel heilbronn.
L' enquete sur le crash de l'Airbus A320 de Germanwings dans les Alpes francaises a connu jeudi un coup de theatre avec la revelation par la justice francaise que le copilote avait sans doute volontairement provoque la perte de l'avion en le precipitant contre la montagne.
Those attacks were also the precipitant for the last serious round of U.
Avi Shlaim, a professor of international relations atOxfordUniversitywho served in the Israeli Army and is a fierce critic of the siege ofGaza, wrote in 2009: "The living conditions in the strip remain an affront to civilised values, a powerful precipitant to resistance and a fertile breeding ground for political extremism.
Le reporter radio se precipitant dans sa cabine pour annoncer a sa radio ou son journal un evenement est une figure qui disparu.
The fact that this approach was the precipitant for so many people to begin their recovery screams for explanation.
The precipitant was collected and re-suspended in two volumes of cold 0.
This procedure was repeated several times and then the residual solvent and precipitant in the final product were removed under vacuum at 70[degrees]C for 24 h and white powders of MMA-MAAM and MMA-MAA copolymers were obtained.
Stress and anxiety are precipitant factors in cases of heart disease.
When the reaction is complete and the gold is dissolved, a chemical precipitant is mixed into the chemical that allows the gold to drop out to the bottom of the tank.
Although infection with Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli is the most frequently identified cause, Streptococcus pneumoniae is increasingly recognized as a cause of HUS, and increasing illness and death have been documented for this rare precipitant (1).