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1. Rushing or falling headlong.
2. Acting with or marked by impulsiveness in thought or action; rash. See Usage Note at precipitate.
3. Abrupt or unexpected; sudden.
n. Chemistry
A substance that causes a precipitate to form when it is added to a solution.

[Latin praecipitāns, praecipitant-, present participle of praecipitāre, to throw headlong; see precipitate.]

pre·cip′i·tant·ly adv.


1. hasty or impulsive; rash
2. rushing or falling rapidly or without heed
3. abrupt or sudden
(Chemistry) chem a substance or agent that causes a precipitate to form
preˈcipitance, preˈcipitancy n
preˈcipitantly adv


(prɪˈsɪp ɪ tənt)

1. hasty, sudden, or headlong; precipitate.
2. Chem. something that causes precipitation.
[1600–10; < Latin praecipitant- (s. of praecipitāns), present participle of praecipitāre to hurl down]
pre•cip′i•tan•cy (-tən si) pre•cip′i•tance, n.
pre•cip′i•tant•ly, adv.
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Noun1.precipitant - an agent that causes a precipitate to form
agent - a substance that exerts some force or effect
dimethylglyoxime - a compound used in analysis as a precipitant for palladium or nickel
Adj.1.precipitant - done with very great haste and without due deliberation; "hasty marriage seldom proveth well"- Shakespeare; "hasty makeshifts take the place of planning"- Arthur Geddes; "rejected what was regarded as an overhasty plan for reconversion"; "wondered whether they had been rather precipitate in deposing the king"
hurried - moving rapidly or performed quickly or in great haste; "a hurried trip to the store"; "the hurried life of a city"; "a hurried job"


2. Happening quickly and without warning:


n(Aus)fällungsmittel nt
adj = precipitate ADJ
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Currently, A ferric chloride-sulphate solution is used as precipitant.
By doing so, the governing bodies have endorsed the tradeshow as a gateway to the African market, and a key precipitant of development within in the hospitality industry.
It is a major precipitant of people moving from their own home to longterm nursing or residential care.
There is no obvious trigger or precipitant for their mood destabilization.
The commission, a precipitant of the Obama administration's criminal justice reform efforts, was curiously loaded with trial attorneys, law professors, and other academicians but relatively few forensic scientists.
Who or whatever you co-meditate or meditate with, whatever you love, whatever opens your heart can be a real precipitant into the mystery and vastness of interbeing and oneness.
Toutefois il a declare qu'apres 8 gouvernements successifs, les partis ont montre leurs limites, precipitant le pays dans une grave crise economique.
The most common precipitant of HE was electrolytes imbalance in 97 (55%), Hyponatremia in 95(46%), infections in 96(54%), spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) in 45 (25%), urinary tract infection (UTI) in 41(23%), respiratory tract infection (RTI) in 14 (8%), constipation in 70(39%) and gastrointestinal bleed in 12(7%).
The caregiver at the time was counselled regarding the diagnosis, but elected to remove the child and transferred her into the care of the current caregiver with no explanation of the preceding events hence the precipitant presentation with the misleading history.
The precipitant was dissolved in 1 ml of 1 M calcium chloride and placed on ice before the addition of absolute ice-cold alcohol.
2]O, urea, and mica were considered as coating precursor, precipitant, and substrate, respectively.
L' enquete sur le crash de l'Airbus A320 de Germanwings dans les Alpes francaises a connu jeudi un coup de theatre avec la revelation par la justice francaise que le copilote avait sans doute volontairement provoque la perte de l'avion en le precipitant contre la montagne.