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1. One who values precision; a purist.
2. often Precisionist A painter whose work is marked by precisionism.
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NEW YORK, May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Having debuted in Bulova Accutron II and the Precisionist collection, Bulova's proprietary high performance UHF (Ultra High Frequency) movement is now being extended into its Sea King and Military collections.
This precisionist criticism is, however, typical, and the eighteenth-century archives are full of similar scolding.
Some precisionist English Protestants were wary of set prayers and liturgies of any kind, believing that they inevitably produced rote religiosity.
2 AMOUR FOU (Jessica Hausner) One of the great films about the nature of love, Hausner's precisionist chronicle of the suicide pact between Heinrich von Kleist and Henriette Vogel draws on the paintings of Vermeer and Marie-Denise Villers and brilliantly employs lieder by Mozart and Beethoven--the most telling use of period performance since Straub-Huillet's 1968 Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach.
Workers likewise rarely appeared in images of industry by Precisionist painters like Sheeler, Dumuth, and Lozowick, as noted by Fraser in "Hands off the Machine" and Sharon Corwin in "Picturing Efficiency: Precisionism, Scientific Management, and the Effacement of Labor," Representations, 84 (November 2003), 139-165.
They'll be given a Bulova Precisionist watch worth up to PS400 as part of a new partnership between HM Samuel and the club.
Bulova Gents Precisionist Watch PS269 @ Laings of Glasgow
Much like 88 Rue Du Rhone watches, Bulova Precisionist watches feature a figure 8 shaped logo on the base of their second hands.
118) The manual further notes that [t]he test of whether a title misleads or deceives is whether it would deceive the mind of an ordinary person who understands the common meaning of language, not the mind of a precisionist who knows the technical refinements of terms.
The precisionist were carrying banners and placards in support of their demands and beating their breasts and raising slogans against the price hike, unemployment, feudalism, capitalism and privatization.
Spock would then express his precisionist viewpoint in a response to this effect: "Yes, Captain, actually in precisely 9 minutes and 23.
It is not that all the artists were gay, but rather that they shared the exploration of gay identity by artists who were, but in variously open ways: Charles Demuth with celebrations of sailors that were not at all like his precisionist cityscapes, Marsden Hartley with his coded abstract tribute to his lover Karl von Freyburg in Berlin, Berenice Abbott photographing legendary figures such as Djuna Barnes and Janet Flanner in Paris in the 1920s, Paul Cadmus' flamboyant eroticism during and after World War II, the full visibility of photographers Robert Mapplethorpe and Nan Goldin.