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1. Of or relating to the period of a disease before the appearance of symptoms.
2. Of or relating to research conducted prior to direct experimental treatment or observation of human subjects: preclinical drug trials.


1. (Medicine) of, relating to, or occurring during the early phases of a disease before accurate diagnosis is possible
2. (Medicine) of, relating to, or designating an early period of scientific study by a medical student before practical experience with patients
preˈclinically adv


(priˈklɪn ɪ kəl)

of or pertaining to the period prior to the appearance of symptoms.
pre•clin′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.preclinical - of or relating to the early phases of a disease when accurate diagnosis is not possible because symptoms of the disease have not yet appeared


adj (Med) Studiumvorklinisch
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The skies brightened as the Pharmaceutical Empire slowly began to increase spending on preclinical research.
com/research/0cdba3/preclinical_models) has announced the addition of the "Preclinical Models - Preclinical CROs will Continue to Improve the Quality and Accuracy of Data for Targeted Therapies" report to their offering.
BEFORE I DISCUSS THE PRECLINICAL OUTSOURCING industry as it is today, we need to revisit the period in time when these companies played a lesser role in drug development.
Preclinical Animal Imaging Systems Market" to their offering.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Bridge Pharmaceuticals, the leading preclinical Contract Research Organization in China, announced today that it has recently closed a $35 million Series B round of financing.
an emerging biopharmaceutical company, focused on stem cell technologies, to discover, develop and commercialize novel small molecule drugs and protein therapeutics for neurological disorders and diabetes, announced positive results from preclinical studies of AV-101, its lead drug candidate, in acute and chronic neuropathic pain animal models.
lead compounds for epilepsy and neuropathic pain, for which the Company is conducting preclinical studies;
NASDAQ:HEPH) today announced the presentation of preclinical data demonstrating that HE3286, a derivative of an endogenous hormone the Company believes is central to regulating glucose metabolism, produced glucose lowering activity and increased insulin sensitivity in preclinical models of type 2 diabetes.
Company's MCT-465 Drug Combined with Patented Immune-System Modulation Technology Prevents New Tumor Growth in Preclinical Animal Model
Preclinical Small Animal Imaging Markets to their offering.
Jaen brings more than 20 years of expertise in drug discovery, chemistry and preclinical development across a number of therapeutic areas to ChemoCentryx.
SRI will focus on all aspects of preclinical development that can lead to potential therapeutic candidates, including synthetic and natural products and small molecule drugs.