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1. Manifesting or characterized by development, aptitude, or interests considered advanced for a given age: a mathematically precocious child; a child with a precocious wit.
2. Botany Blossoming before the appearance of leaves.

[From Latin praecox, praecoc-, premature, from praecoquere, to boil before, ripen early : prae-, pre- + coquere, to cook, ripen; see pekw- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·co′cious·ly adv.
pre·coc′ity (-kŏs′ĭ-tē), pre·co′cious·ness n.
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Noun1.precocity - intelligence achieved far ahead of normal developmental schedules
intelligence - the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience


n. precocidad, desarrollo de rasgos físicos o facultades mentales más avanzados que lo normal en comparación con la edad cronólogica.
References in classic literature ?
But now the idea came strongly into Hester's mind, that Pearl, with her remarkable precocity and acuteness, might already have approached the age when she could have been made a friend, and intrusted with as much of her mother's sorrows as could be imparted, without irreverence either to the parent or the child.
In society, in the best institutions of men, it is easy to detect a certain precocity.
The children of the poor are therefore allowed to "feel" from their earliest years, and they gain thereby a precocity and an early vivacity which contrast at first most favourably with the inert, undeveloped, and listless behaviour of the half-instructed youths of the Polygonal class; but when the latter have at last completed their University course, and are prepared to put their theory into practice, the change that comes over them may almost be described as a new birth, and in every art, science, and social pursuit they rapidly overtake and distance their Triangular competitors.
They have neither the matured and systematically trained powers of the Polygonal Bachelors and Masters of Arts, nor yet the native precocity and mercurial versatility of the youthful Tradesman.
When quite a child, the little Vampa displayed a most extraordinary precocity.
The boy's precocity led the queen to call him her 'little Lord Keeper.
To the usual precocity of the girl, she added that early experience of struggle, of conflict between the inward impulse and outward fact, which is the lot of every imaginative and passionate nature; and the years since she hammered the nails into her wooden Fetish among the worm-eaten shelves of the attic had been filled with so eager a life in the triple world of Reality, Books, and Waking Dreams, that Maggie was strangely old for her years in everything except in her entire want of that prudence and self-command which were the qualities that made Tom manly in the midst of his intellectual boyishness.
Those exorbent figures highlight just how far Costa has come; from simply admiring the precocity of Ronaldinho, to emulating his idol by succeeding in Europe, a dream for most young professionals in Brazil, if not Costa.
This is why politicization and precocity in union with the poor and precarious labourers is not enough.
When asked about Susan's precocity, Polgar simply replied, "If they had seen the painfully slow progress, the inch-by-inch improvements, they would not have been so quick to call Susan a prodigy.
Impressed by the schoolboy's precocity, Nitish said that the child had presented his views in a very effective manner.
So much of classical music is a display of almost freakish precocity - performed on instruments old enough to remember.