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or pre-co·lo·ni·al  (prē′kə-lō′nē-əl)
Of, relating to, or being the period of time before colonization of a region or territory.


(Sociology) occurring or existing prior to a colonial period or colonization of a given area or country; of or pertaining to this period


(ˌpri kəˈloʊ ni əl)

of or pertaining to the time before a region or country became a colony.
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The second essay in this section, "The Culture and Politics of Persian in Precolonial Hindustan," by Muzaffar Alam, includes more than promised of the usual chronological survey, as does Vinay Dharwadker in "The Historical Formation of Indian-English Literature," the volume's major attraction for most readers.
It also explains the popularity of the "static-fragile conception of 'tribal' society" among many white Australians, which, as Denis Byrne explains, constitutes a "wishful vision of a precolonial order swept away":
6) His life, captured at the time in the narrative of imperial missionary romance as that of the "model Kaffir" (cf De Kock's discussion (1996: 171) of Chalmers's biography, Tiyo Soga: A Page of South African Mission Work, published in 1877), instantiates the tension between the precolonial Xhosa community of meaning and the version of Christian modernity that Scottish missionaries had brought to the seam of the Eastern Cape frontier.
We cannot have direct local evidence for undisturbed precolonial societies.
Efforts, especially of studies of precolonial "institutions," to determine religious "orthodoxy" in textually based belief systems such as Theravada Buddhism too frequently misconstrue emphases of earlier or later stages of the development of the religion as constants.
Wiener's account of Klungkung's transformation from paramount realm in the precolonial period to a kabupaten or regency (an administrative unit) within the Indonesian State commences in the 1840s, when the Dutch first showed a real and active interest in Klungkung.
As Lazarus argues, these novels suggest that racial unity and remembrance of the precolonial past are the only solutions to neocolonialist malaise.
Among her topics are Theravada cultural hegemony in precolonial Burma, civil Buddhism in a colonial context, and the limits of Buddhist moral authority in the secular state.
With this comparison in mind, Sietsema decided to remake various precolonial articles--a fishing net, a cape, coins--as they appeared in his image bank, specifically so that he could represent them on film.
The sections deal with church planting in the precolonial era (1805-84), the church in the colonial era (1884-1924), the growing selfhood of the church (1922-57), the independent ministries of the church (1957-78), the churches and the liberation struggle (1963-99), and present-day cooperation, ecumenism, and other topics.
Reconnecting with the land, then, and recalling precolonial knowledges is a postcolonial strategy in Mda's and Vera's texts.
Conquest, Family, and Nation in Precolonial Germany, 1770-1870 (Durham, 1997); Sara Friedrichsmeyer, Sara Lennox, and Susanne Zantop eds, The imperialist Imagination.