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A condition that must exist or be established before something can occur or be considered; a prerequisite.
tr.v. pre·con·di·tioned, pre·con·di·tion·ing, pre·con·di·tions
To condition, train, or accustom in advance.
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Adj.1.preconditioned - having already been put into a suitable condition; "a surface preconditioned to receive paint"; "customers preconditioned to buy a product"
prepared - made ready or fit or suitable beforehand; "a prepared statement"; "be prepared for emergencies"
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In this study, preconditioned plumular apex explants with 20 mg L-1 BAP or unconditioned explants were cultured for 8 weeks on MS medium having 0.
We also showed that preconditioned mice lost significantly fewer retinal ganglion cell axons," Zhu says.
However, an Oklahoma State University study found price premiums for preconditioned calves, but not enough to cover preconditioning costs (Avent et al.
Zahra demanded stability as preconditioned saying that it was up to security forces and the Lebanese military to see to it that this comes about because he did not confide in the Syrians anymore.
Intravenous anaesthetics may activate receptors to stimulate the downstream signal transduction pathways for amplification and establishment of the preconditioned state.
n] related to a continuous generating function f(x) there exist various preconditioning techniques that ensure fast convergence of the preconditioned conjugate gradient (pcg) method; see [2, 7] and the references therein.
Services: The global leader in the production of aircraft cargo loaders, deicers, push back tractors, preconditioned air, and ground power units.
Feedyards are beginning to recognize that calves preconditioned on the ranch have fewer health problems after they leave it.
When volumetric soil moisture in each tube reached about 5% (about 15% of field capacity) during each drying period, preconditioned plants were rewatered and turf quality was allowed to recover to the same level as that of nonpreconditioned plants.
FMC-Jetway Systems is just completing the fabrication and installation of 47 passenger boarding bridges, 48 preconditioned air units and 28 solid-state 400 Hertz inverters for the new Dubai International airport.
in 100% Fuel C, but the diaphragms that were preconditioned
The test involves a stirred tank in which the carbon is first preconditioned in water.