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The memories or feelings that are not part of one's immediate awareness but that can be recalled through conscious effort.

pre·con′scious adj.
pre·con′scious·ly adv.


(Psychology) psychol prior to the development of consciousness
(Psychoanalysis) psychoanal mental contents or activity not immediately in consciousness but readily brought there
preˈconsciously adv
preˈconsciousness n


(priˈkɒn ʃəs)

1. capable of being readily brought into consciousness.
2. occurring prior to the development of consciousness.
3. the complex of memories and emotions that may influence or readily be brought into consciousness.
pre•con′scious•ly, adv.
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During the first nCBT A-B-C process, Wave1, the person responds to information that is collected by the senses from the environment and internal sources such as physiology (A1), processes information subcortically and preconsciously (B1), and experiences resulting emotional and physiological consequences (C1).
Above all, the balloon manages to occlude the fact that even if one escapes an atmosphere by withdrawing from it, one always ends up, sooner or later, always preconsciously, always affectively directed, into another atmosphere.
They exist preconsciously and presumably form the structural dominants of the psyche in general" (31).
83) A decision based on moral intuition often comes first and preconsciously, and then is rationalized at a conscious level.
In their model, the cognitive system is organized as a set of hierarchically arranged, interconnected processing modules, which create and process the representation preconsciously, although the representation may become conscious as its quality improves by advancing on the three dimensions.
The nonconscious activation of social representation is done in one of two ways; either preconsciously, through direct environmental activation; or postconsciously, through the conscious use of an unrelated context such as one that would be used in priming.
Visualization is an important aspect of human understanding, since human be ings process graphic information preconsciously [27-28].
For the avoidant partner, LDR separations would preconsciously stimulate attachment system activation, which is defensively suppressed (Mikulincer & Shaver, 2003).
As in the relationship of a child to its parents, we preconsciously entrust ourselves to God's care through the creational covenant.
Preconsciously controlling stereotyping: Implicitly activated egalitarian goals prevent the activation of stereotypes.
Rejeski (1985) suggests that both physiological and psychological afferent inputs are processed preconsciously and in parallel.
Salomon, Preconsciously Controlling Stereotyping: Implicitly Activated Egalitarian Goals Prevent the Activation of Stereotypes, 18 SOC.