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 (prē′dī-ə-bē′tĭs, -tēz)
A latent condition preceding the development of diabetes mellitus, often marked by impaired glucose metabolism without clinical confirmation of the presence of the disease.

pre·di′a·bet′ic (-bĕt′ĭk) adj. & n.


(ˌpriːdaɪəˈbɛtɪk) med
(Medicine) a person suffering from prediabetes
(Medicine) of or pertaining to prediabetes; (of a person) suffering from prediabetes, liable to develop diabetes
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One obese and prediabetic middle-aged woman who had failed to succeed with a range of diets learned that her "healthy" eating habits might have been part of her problem.
5% of the study subjects qualified as prediabetic based on these definitions.
Importantly, the Western diet, high in saturated fat that is well known to predispose to insulin resistance and glucose intolerance (prediabetes) in humans across the globe, also decreased daily peak dopamine signaling to the biological clock, and the prediabetic state can be attenuated by adding back dopamine to the clock neural system at the appropriate time of day.
The patent is based on the clinical data in type 2 diabetics as well as prediabetic subjects.
Currently, more than 86 million Americans are prediabetic and nearly 90 percent of those millions are unaware of their status.
During the prediabetic period before frank type II diabetes is diagnosed, substantial damage to the arterial lining occurs.
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ISLAMABAD -- Lack of sleep can elevate levels of free fatty acids in the blood, accompanied by temporary prediabetic conditions in healthy young men, a new research reveals.
We need to assess the risk score of Dubai and the UAE and launch robust preventive programmes for those who are prediabetic.
2% of secondary school students in Qatar could be prediabetic is yet another alarming reminder that more needs to be done to help prevent a disease that afflicts between 15 and 17% of the adult Qatari population.
Sleep loss has been associated with decreased glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, and a prediabetic metabolic state.
The progressively decreasing of fasting insulin concentration was showed among NGT, prediabetic and diabetic patients, but total level of fasting insulin + proinsulin in diabetic patients was significantly lower than in NGT and prediabetic patients.