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v. pred·i·cat·ed, pred·i·cat·ing, pred·i·cates
1. To base or establish (a statement or action, for example): I predicated my argument on the facts.
2. To state or affirm as an attribute or quality of something: The sermon predicated the perfectibility of humankind.
3. To carry the connotation of; imply.
4. Logic To make (a term or expression) the predicate of a proposition.
5. To proclaim or assert; declare.
To make a statement or assertion.
n. (-kĭt)
1. Grammar One of the two main constituents of a sentence or clause, modifying the subject and including the verb, objects, or phrases governed by the verb, as opened the door in Jane opened the door or is very sleepy in The child is very sleepy.
2. Logic That part of a proposition that is affirmed or denied about the subject. For example, in the proposition We are mortal, mortal is the predicate.
adj. (-kĭt)
1. Grammar Of or belonging to the predicate of a sentence or clause.
2. Stated or asserted; predicated.

[Late Latin praedicāre, praedicāt-, from Latin, to proclaim : prae-, pre- + dicāre, to proclaim; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

pred′i·ca′tion n.
pred′i·ca′tion·al adj.
pred′i·ca′tive adj.
pred′i·ca′tive·ly adv.
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Noun1.predication - (logic) a declaration of something self-evident; something that can be assumed as the basis for argument
logic - the branch of philosophy that analyzes inference
declaration - a statement that is emphatic and explicit (spoken or written)
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In this case the content of your belief is a sensation (the noise) and a word ("tram") related in a way which may be called predication.
The deal is intended to allow e-Therapeutics to utilise Intellegens' technology for predication and error correction of large-scale biological and chemical data.
Le departement de l'Interieur affirme que l'individu en question avait participe plusieurs fois aux tentes de predication organisees par le mouvement interdit de " Ansar Al Chariaa".
It may be that attention to nonevent forms of temporal predication including (the lexical-aspect sense of) continuous activity or process-predications would prove helpful with this matter.
The predication of rain has been made by met office KP, he added.
And if fellow champ golfer Darren Clarke's predication is anything to go by it won't be the last time his name is etched on the famous jug.
De maniere generale, la tradition du Tawriq se fait de plus en plus rare, laissant la place au Tadriss, qui consiste en des lecons de predication et de religion plus faciles a comprendre pour la majorite des fideles et qui permettent de rectifier certaines idees erronees sur la religion et promouvoir un discours religieux modere, en adequation avec la vocation de l'Islam comme etant la religion du juste milieu.
Among their topics are historical linguistics and conceptual clarification, priority of thought or priority of language, the ambiguity in definite descriptions, procedurism and ontologico-historical understanding in the philosophy of language, logic and the pursuit of meaning, the legacy of Frege and the linguistic theory of predication, and categorical grammar and the foundations of the philosophy of language.
I analyze Aristotle's conditions for a synonymy of predication and compare them with the condition for a non-homonymy of predication in the Argument from Relatives of "On Ideas".
Her overall themes are metaphysics as a science, the concept of being, the predication of the term being, and metaphysics and theology.
000 personnes), qui voulaient installer, sans autorisation, devant la mosquee Bilal, a Sejoumi, des tentes de predication et de fetwas, a rapporte l'agence de presse tunisienne TAP.
But one Wolves fan got completely the wrong of the stick with his half-time predication - and for a few seconds it looked like it could potentially be an explosive confrontation.